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September 11, 2001 Remembered

Where were you on September 11, 2001? That day changed my life for the better in a major way.


ITT Tech Closes-ATC Comes To The Rescue

Atlanta Technical College says it will help some of the thousands of students stranded after ITT Tech closed abruptly on Tuesday.


Confederate Flag Supporters

70 Confederate Flags Stolen From Georgia Cemetery

Police in South Georgia are investigating the theft of flags from graves of Confederate soldiers.


Rev. Jesse Jackson Leads Assistance Drive For Louisiana Flood Victims

Thousands of people have lost homes and businesses due to flooding. Reverend Jesse Jackson wants you to help.


Parents File Federal Suit Over Son’s Strange Gym-mat Death

The parents of Kendrick Johnson are continuing their fight for justice in their son’s death. A new lawsuit has been filed in the case.


Thousands Take To The Streets

Protesters spilled into the streets in several cities including Atlanta calling for a change in policing policies after the deaths of two black men.


Police Investigate Mass Shooting At Orlando Nightclub

49 people are dead, and at least 53 have been injured.


Goodbye Champ. You Were My First

Muhammad Ali will forever be a part of history. A very personal part of history for me.


The Greatest Of All Time Dead At 74

He won many fights in the ring but lost his fight with Parkinson’s disease. Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time has died at the age of 74.


John Lewis To Receive Liberty Medal For Civil Rights Work

Another honor for Congressman John Lewis for his dedication for civil rights.




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