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Carl Dukes
Dukes & Bell Weekdays 2p – 7p

Bio: Carl Dukes is a co-host on Dukes & Bell 2pm – 7pm Weekdays, with Mike Bell. Carl is an award winning broadcaster with over 17 years experience, most recently with ESPN 97.5 in afternoon drive with his show “Put up your dukes!” Dukes has also made regular appearances in ESPN’s The Hotlist and First Take along with several other national sports shows on Fox and Fox Southwest. Carl is involved in numerous charitable community activities and does guest speaking engagements for his foundation throughout the year. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, movies, golfing, playing a good pick-up game of hoops and listening to music while creating new dishes on the grill!

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Twitter: @DukesandBell, @PutEmUpCDukes

Carl Dukes: “UGA will have the nicest Indoor Facility in the SEC.”

UGA is finally going to get into the game with an indoor practice facility. They will be the last school in the SEC to do so. The UGA athletic board is expected to take further action on the facility, four months after commissioning a design study. The location has been the biggest issue but before […]

92.9 The Game–02/18/2015

Carl Dukes: “The Falcons will have the easiest schedule in the NFL this upcoming season.”

The Falcons will have the easiest schedule in the NFL this upcoming season. Here are the Home and Away opponents: Home: Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, Eagles, Redskins, Vikings, Texans, Colts Away: Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, Jaguars, Titans So the Falcons will be playing the NFC East and the AFC South. A trip to Big […]

92.9 The Game–02/12/2015

Carl Dukes: “Worst Play Call EVER!”

How do you not give the ball to the most physical running back in the NFL? His runs have caused earthquakes. He had another historical run this year when playing the Cardinals and with the biggest game on the planet on the line Pete Carroll decided to throw it from the 1 yard line. #FAIL!!!!!! […]

92.9 The Game–02/02/2015

Carl Dukes: “Dez Bryant was penalized for trying to make a play.”

The rule is the rule, right? If a player is goes to the ground in the process of making a catch, he must maintain control throughout the entire process of contacting the ground. That doesn’t mean the ball can’t touch the ground – it can. The player only needs to maintain control of the ball. […]

92.9 The Game–01/12/2015

Carl Dukes: “If You Don’t Have One, You’re Not Going Anywhere In The NFL.”

It’s the most important position on the field! Quarterback. Either you have one, your looking for one or you don’t have one. If you don’t have one your’e not going anywhere in the NFL. I’ve said it for years, it’s a QB league. Look at what Drew Brees did last night against the Bears and […]

92.9 The Game–12/16/2014

Carl Dukes: “Falcons win Sunday puts them in contention for the playoffs.”

Last year is last year and for the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera is wishing it was last year. The Panthers biggest problem is that they can not protect Cam Newton. Last year the Carolina Offensive line group played in all 17 games. Through 10 games this season, Carolina has played with six different offensive line […]

92.9 The Game–11/13/2014

Carl Dukes: “Numbers don’t lie Falcon fans!”

Numbers never lie! I think it was Jay Z that said “Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t lie.” The numbers when it comes to the Falcons tell the story of a team that is 2-6 and why they are 2-6 on the season. In the 1st half of game so far this season. The defense […]

92.9 The Game–11/07/2014

Carl Dukes: Top 5 NCAA Punishments

Top 5 NCAA Punishments- With the Todd Gurley Ruling coming down today. 1. In 1991, the University of Michigan brought in arguably the most heralded recruiting class in NCAA basketball history. The incoming freshmen included Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. They earned themselves the moniker of the ‘Fab Five’ […]

92.9 The Game–10/29/2014

Carl’s ATL (Around The League) Update

The Falcons are not the only team pushing the Panic Button these days. the Bears are in trouble too. With Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, and Martellus Bennett, the Bears should be one of the best offensive teams in the league and should be able to score enough points to win games when their […]

92.9 The Game–10/22/2014

Carl Dukes’ Top 5 Hot Cars

With so many cars on the road and so many to choose from these days we all have a few cars that if we could, we would drive them. These are 5 Hot Cars I would drive for speed, power, handling and comfort…Whats yours? Chevrolet Corvette Stingray A technologically advanced 6.2-liter V8 engine channels an […]

92.9 The Game–10/20/2014



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