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Carl Dukes
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Bio: Carl Dukes is a co-host on Dukes & Bell 2pm – 7pm Weekdays, with Mike Bell. Carl is an award winning broadcaster with over 17 years experience, most recently with ESPN 97.5 in afternoon drive with his show “Put up your dukes!” Dukes has also made regular appearances in ESPN’s The Hotlist and First Take along with several other national sports shows on Fox and Fox Southwest. Carl is involved in numerous charitable community activities and does guest speaking engagements for his foundation throughout the year. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, movies, golfing, playing a good pick-up game of hoops and listening to music while creating new dishes on the grill!

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Twitter: @DukesandBell, @PutEmUpCDukes

Beyonce in the The Mrs. Carter Show Tour

Carl Dukes: Back that … Up!

Put’em Up So if you had a chance to grab one of the best Bottoms in the world would yo do it? What if I told you that you would get away from with it, [...]


New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

Carl Dukes: The Boo’s and El Oso Blanco

Put’em Up Friday night I took the family to go see the Braves take on the Dodgers. After all of the years of hearing that damn Tomahawk chop in covering play-off games and seeing the [...]


Carl Dukes: Now He’s Sorry

Put’em Up NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski apologized this week for accusing Talladega winner David Ragan of lining up in the incorrect position on the final restart of Sunday’s race — a move Keselowski said helped [...]

92.9 The Game–05/10/2013

NFL Draft

Carl Dukes: With The Draft Is All About…

Put’em Up! The draft is about smokescreens and Misinformation! “No were not interested in him”,”we don’t think he is as good as everyone says”,”he wasn’t that high on out draft board” Back in the day [...]

92.9 The Game–04/23/2013

Carl Dukes: Who you got?

Put’em Up Tiger Woods is the favorite heading into the Masters. He has played in 5 PGA events this year and won 3. He is once again the #1 golfer in the world according to [...]


This is going to be fun!

Put’em Up For baseball fans like me, Opening Day serves as a symbol of rebirth. The occasion represents a newness or a chance to forget last season, in that the 30 major league clubs and [...]


Carl Dukes: Never thought I would see it again!

Put’em Up Back during the 2007-08 NBA season something amazing happen. The Houston Rockets went on a 22 game winning streak. I was just a baby when the 1971-1972 Lakers went on a 33 game [...]


Carl Dukes: He wants the Earth, Moon and Stars

Put’em Up Remember when the NFL season ended and Tony Gonzales said he was likely to retire. Well, maybe not if his expectations are met. According to reports and sources I spoke with about his [...]


Carl Dukes: It’s what they don’t have…

Put’em Up The Hawks had a chance…but they don’t have a closer. Josh Smith is good, Al Horford is good, but they don’t have a closer named Kobe or even Lebron (something I never- NEVEREVER-high [...]


What does it all mean?

Put’em Up Lets talk about the NFL combine which is a lot of hype if you ask me. It certainly was fun to watch over the last 4 days, but the reality is the NFL [...]





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