Bev Smith

As a radio and television talk show host for over three decades, it’s undeniable; Bev Smith has blazed a trail in the broadcasting industry that will stand the test of time for future generations.  Throughout her career, Bev has used her voice to advocate on behalf of African American citizens and people of all color globally. Never afraid to tackle controversial issues, Bev’s style is to get to the point in a straight up, direct and passionate manner. In fact, Bev’s mantra to her fans is to “Stand Up, Be Counted and Get involved.”

Indeed, Smith has had a very colorful and varied career working in an industry that has provided her with a front row seat to interview some of the world’s most prominent kings and leaders, top politicians and CEO’s, high profiled entertainers and celebrities, community organizers and good old fashion, grassroots, hard working folks.

Looking at her resume through the years, you might even wonder what in the world is left for Smith to conquer in an industry where she has fought discrimination and injustice through the years every step of the way.

Smith began her television and radio career in 1971 when she was named Pittsburgh’s first African-American Consumer Affairs Investigative Reporter for WPXI Television. In 1975, she was named News and Public Affairs Director for Sheridan Broadcasting and hosted a lively talk show on Sheridan’s flagship station, WAMO. Since then, Bev Smith has taken her “fire brand” style of talk shows to KDKA and WTAE Radio in Pittsburgh, WNWS in Miami, WKIS in Orlando and WRC in Washington DC. Bev also worked at Black Entertainment Television for over thirteen years, as the host of the popular national television talk show “Our Voices.”

In 2011, Bev signed off the air as host of “The Bev Smith Show” which was heard on the American Urban Radio Networks, where she was fondly known by many of her fans as “The Queen of Late Night Talk.” She hosted the show since 1998, and was the only African American woman radio talk show host who had a nationally syndicated show in the country. On the show,Bev captured her audience with the latest news makers. She has lived with the homeless, walked the streets investigating prostitutes, raised money for babies with AIDS and talked with inmates on death row.

Today, Bev is busy traveling the country doing what she does best, using her voice now on The Bev Smith Show heard on The Empowerment Network. Bev continues to share  herknowledge and find ways to uplift and unite the African American community with people of color globally. Bev is also diligently working on her life story in a biography that will tell more about her experience working in an industry that didn’t always welcome her with open arms because of her color, gender and now her age.

You can hear Bev Smith on News and Talk 1380 WAOK live Monday through Thursday evenings 7 pm to 10 pm and Friday evenings 10 pm to 1 am. Don’t miss a minute of it!

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