Blue Ribbon Grill

4006 Lavista Rd Tucker, GA 30084 (770) 491-1570
Hours Mon - Thu 11:15 am - 9:00 am
Fri - Sat 11:15 am - 10:00 pm
Sun 11:15 am - 8:30 pm
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Friendly staff, comfort food menu and great portions. A real value and a great place to eat!
October 30, 2013
Never been here but who could resist a place that sells meatloaf AND martinis? The combination sounds pregnantly wonderful. Me and Lisa shall be visiting in the near future.
October 03, 2013

Stumble upon this place by accident

Service superb-food great. Very relaxing
June 07, 2013

Thank goodness for the Blue Ribbon Grill

Go to Blue Ribbon for ""happy body"" food. The meat loaf is always amazing; green beans are like grandma made. The chips covered with blue cheese will ruin a diet but you have to eat them.\r \r I ate there last night because I wanted to eat in a place that would make me happy. Blue Ribbon always does.
November 16, 2011

Great food and great customer service!

I went here for lunch today and absolutely loved it! I had the daily special roast beef. The funny thing is, I'm not even a huge roast beef fan but it was really good! My service was fantastic. My waitress was extremely friendly and you could tell she enjoyed her job. I will be back!
August 03, 2011

Pretty Gross

Went there just to grab a quick bite. On a positive note, their service was pretty good. However, their food is pretty rough. Definitely some of the greasiest food I've ever eaten in my life. I couldn't eat for the rest of the day because my stomach was upset because the food set so heavy on my stomach. Also, we sat in the bar area, which had no lighting. The tile drop in ceiling had seen better days probably 15 years ago. Definitely time for an upgrade... this place overall grossed me and my girlfriend out. She was in town for a few days, I felt so bad for taking her there. The "regulars" table behind us seemed to love their meal, they were singing out loud to every song...over the music. I would hit up a Taco Bell dollar menu any day before I went back to this hole in the wall.
September 06, 2010

Neighborhood Tucker bar & restaurant

The Blue Ribbon Grill is a classic neighborhood bar & grill in the Tucker Northlake area of Atlanta. Their meatloaf is one of our family favorites and a real bargain for the money. Crab cakes, burgers & chicken pot pie are also good choices but chicken tenders are nothing special. Service is usually very friendly and fast. Jill (at the bar) is great !
Dill Atl
March 02, 2010

A "Cheers" environment in Atlanta

The staff at the Blue Ribbon Grill has that personal touch to make you feel welcomed like an old friend. My friend and I meet there probably once a month to solve the world's problems over an order of out of this world bleu cheese chips and margaritas. Several of the waitresses now greet us with a smile, confirm we want "the usual" and before we know it, we're munching down on the best bleu cheese chips imaginable and a nice sized margarita. When I've brought the family there for a full meal, it has been equally as good. I'm glad to have such a place close by.
January 06, 2010

OMG I Keep Trying This Place....Why?

I don't know why but I tried one more time and decided to write a review this time. We got there right as they opened on Sunday. Restaurant has a strong musty overbearing odor. Ordered Chicken Salad Sandwich. It was the chuncky dry with no onions or flavor. The Bread was not fresh and no onions on the sandwich just one ... did I say one piece of lettuce and thin slice of tomatoe. I plan never to go back. Over priced and not worth the time. It may have been around for 20+ years but some things need to change.
December 21, 2009

Mixed Experience

I remember the food being great for the most part. They even had Irish soda bread for St. Patty's day. However, I ordered spinach dip, and found shards of glass in my dip, which the server was at a total loss to explain. They gave us our food on the house unasked, but I still don't want to go back.
November 20, 2009
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