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hitchbotmain3 CNET Tech News Hitchbot was trying to make its way across the US, relying on the kindness of strangers. This weekend it was found beheaded. This is why we can't have nice things, America!

The truth about Ultra HD 4K TV refresh rates

samsung un65js8500 11 CNET Tech News Today's Ultra HD 4K TVs are all marketed with "motion," "action" and "clear" numbers that start at 240Hz and go up from there. They're all basically made up. Here's the real story.
fire phone with prime stuff CNET Tech News That price includes a full year of Amazon Prime, a $99 value all by itself. As for the phone, take it to the GSM carrier of your choice. Plus: a product I've never featured before!
2015bmwm235i 006 CNET Tech News The deal shows how important mapping and location data are to the future of the car industry, particularly in the coming era of self-driving cars.
at t logo CNET Tech News It marks the first time a company has been able to offer a bundle of television and wireless service throughout the nation.
zool5 CNET Tech News The remarkably scientific trailer for the "Zoolander" sequel brings science to the forefront.
BMW i3 (4 of 50) CNET Tech News Carmaker has teamed up with Pacific Gas & Electric to curb power grid demand by giving i3 drivers gift cards if they charge at off-peak hours.
doodad CNET Tech News For Road Trip 2015, CNET went to San Jose, California, to talk with Vietnamese Americans who traveled a long way to get to where they are today.
apple iphone 6 plus CNET Tech News Technically Incorrect: Americans reveal themselves to be neurotic about back-to-school online shopping, according to a new survey. But many will be buying laptops, phones or tablets for their little ones.
retro self driving car getty CNET Tech News For Road Trip 2015, CNET talks with the University of Michigan's Peter Sweatman about the rapid merging of computers and cars, and the fake city in Ann Arbor where it's being put to the test.