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Company says unmanned Falcon 9 rocket self-destructed in midair after "anomaly" detected
There's no credible information pointing to ISIS plot against American homeland, but officials have incomplete intel and that worries them
Search was launched after 20-year-old failed to return from hike in Wyoming park
Fire captain was seriously burned, 3 others injured when ladder truck got too close to power line after dumping water in ALS charity stunt
A teenager with Down syndrome was never told there were things he won't be able to do -- including go to college
Our noses aren't growing: For $25 million, you can own magnificent estate where author Carlo Collodi conceived the wooden puppet who longs to be a real boy
Despite previous statements that U.S. military action against ISIS would be limited to Iraq, the fight against ISIS now "knows no borders"
Infrared camera attaches to the back of an iPhone and shows you the world in a whole new light
Mudslides on land left bare by fires knock house off its foundation, maroon vehicles on highways as extreme weather plagues much of U.S.
The old map was tossed after the judge ruled the districts had been illegally drawn to benefit Republicans

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