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The pooch was moved from the home of Nina Pham to a decommissioned naval air base, where he's under monitoring
Judge calls British man accused of stealing $64,000 "a very accomplished and determined actor"
Hump-backed, big-bellied dinosaur looked kind of like Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks
Longtime Alaskan congressman assigns blame for suicides and insults students during Tuesday appearance at Wasilla High School
DeGraw tells CBS News about new single "Fire" and why he feels like he's just getting started
After a soldier was shot nearby, Canadian law enforcement engage in a shootout inside Canada's Parliament building, and the incident was caught it on tape
Report finds thousands of students received artificially inflated grades in what an investigator called a "shadow curriculum"

Ottawa shootings

After a Canadian soldier was shot and wounded, gunfire was exchanged in and around the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa
New games are more immersive and realistic, but that might not always be a good thing
The deadly 2007 shootings triggered an international uproar over the role of defense contractors in urban warfare

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