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Casting Call for 12/17 – 24

Atlanta Film Office Get the latest street closings for filming in Atlanta by clicking the button below: . Greg’s email: greg.clarkson@cbsradio.com To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS: . CL Casting “The Untitled […]

92.9 The Game–12/17/2014

Production Clip Player Test

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CBS Sports’ Dan Fouts Talks Houston Texans Vs. Indianapolis Colts

A late divisional battle could see the Indianapolis Colts take the AFC South crown with two games still left to go, but the Houston Texans are fighting for a playoff spot and still need the win badly. Dan Fouts of CBS Sports took the time to talk on the big AFC match-up and what it means for both teams.


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CBS Sports’ Dan Fouts Talks Miami Dolphins Vs. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are on a clear path to the playoffs and could possibly end up representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins are still fighting for a playoff spot and need every win they can get so this is a huge game for them. Dan Fouts of CBS Sports knows what it’s like to play in must-win games, and he spoke on the big AFC East match-up.


Governor George Wallace publicly refused to allow African American students entry to theUniversity of Alabama in Tuscaloosa despite a federal mandate. June 11, 1963 (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Gun Used To Shoot George Wallace Up For Auction

An Illinois auction house is selling the revolver that almost killed former Alabama Governor George Wallace in a 1972 assassination attempt as he ran for president.



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