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Championship Boxing w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- Pacquiao is about making money and not making fightsIt’s been almost a month, but Championship Rounds is back! Not a moment too soon as Craig and the Peanut Gallery have lots to catch up on. Lots of big fights to catch up on for the guys. Who’s had the best month and win since the last edition of Championship Rounds? Crawford? Frampton? Ward? The Peanut Gallery leans toward the one guy who pulled not only won, but made the biggest statement in his win. CCV says his pick is based solely on the money. Manny Pacquiao has an opponent for his comeback fight in November and PG and CCV tell you why they aren’t that happy with the opponent selection. For the PG the decision for Pac Man’s next opponent is just another case to him of Politics as usual. While CCV takes it a step further, “Here’s another example of us not getting the fights that we want to see.” Quick jabs this week discusses a fighter saying goodbye, another fighter missing out on a big money opportunity, and another who is very lucky to have to still have any opportunities inside the ring. The guys cap off this week’s Championship Rounds the same way they always do with a few Low Blows. The Peanut Gallery acknowledges he originally wanted to talk about Antonio Margarito and Roy Jones fighting way past their primes again recently, but they were trumped by a decision made by the WBC earlier this week. To say he was a little angry would be an understatement. CCV takes UFC fighter Connor McGregor on and hits him with a few low blows this week.
Rick and Randy's 5 at 10: Gameday ThursdayRick and Randy Mac recap the latest from the world of sports with the 5 at 10. They kick it off with Rick getting Randy to explain why he wont call out former players or teammates for acting up...
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson-'We survived Alabama'CCV & PG went to Birmingham last weekend and still made it back this week to hit you with another “Championship Rounds.” “We Made It Back from Birmingham….Alive!” a very happy Peanut Gallery starts the show with. The guys recap the good, bad, and ugly of their road trip to Birmingham and Deontay Wilder’s TKO victory over Chris Arreola last Saturday night. A lot of the “Good” the guys have came from Wilder’s performance though some of the “Bad” came from him breaking his right hand during the fight. As Craig points out, “It sucks for Wilder. He’s perfect person in terms of personality for boxing and the heavyweight division.” The guys think it’s going to unfortunately be quite a while before we see Wilder back in the ring against a top level opponent because of the injuries he suffered. Manny Pacquiao has a home for his first fight since he came out of “retirement” and the guys agree the it’s happening the right state, but wrong location for the fight. “The UNLV Running Rebels don’t want to play there,” the PG chimes in on the home of Pacquiao’s next fight. “That place hasn’t been hot since ’88.” Unlike Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez actually has the perfect place for his next fight and the guys give him his credit for that. Though the guys still won’t give Canelo credit for his next opponent. The guys then get you ready for one of the biggest fights of the summer as they preview the Terrence Crawford and Victor Postol championship fight on Saturday night. Both guys expect a good fight and have the same prediction. Though Craig’s outcome has a scent of a conspiracy in the air. “Someone needs to check his bank account on Monday to see if there is any extra money in there!” And of course no edition of “Championship Rounds” is complete without the guys giving you their low blows. A regular victim of the segment makes another appearance this week and CCV is all over him for that. Meanwhile PG has to address something he couldn’t believe he saw in Birmingham last weekend.
The Morning Sports News: Tiger Woods Out For SeasonMark Zinno, who is filling in for John Fricke this week, and Hugh Douglas discuss the biggest sports headlines this morning! The Braves outlasted the Reds for a 5-4 victory last night in extra innings; the Big 12 moving forward with expansion; and is Tiger Woods done for good?
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- 'I'm leaving Alabama with the Belt'PG & CCV are back with another edition of “Championship Rounds.” Speaking of being back Manny Pacquiao is back from one of the shortest retirements in history and the guys definitely have something to say about that. Pacquiao retired in April, but now plans on coming back to the ring in November. The Peanut Gallery of course chimes in on the Pacquiao news, “If he hadn’t announced his retirement in April he would have been fighting in November anyway.” Craig says, “That politician money clearly isn’t as big as that fighter money.” The guys now know they are going to be making the drive this weekend to Birmingham to see the heavyweight title fight between undefeated WBC Champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Chris Arreola. So what better way to get ready for it than to talk to Arreola as the guys do this week. Nicknamed “The Nightmare” Arreola is hoping to be just that to Wilder and shock the world Saturday night. “This is my third shot at a heavyweight championship and probably my last shot if I don’t win Saturday night. I’m motivated to come to Birmingham and stop Deontay Wilder.” Did Arreola convince the guys enough during the interview that they will pick him to pull off the upset? The guys give their predictions on the fight and one thing remains certain for PG. “This fight is ending with someone getting put to sleep.” The guys wrap up this week’s Championship Rounds with a few “Low Blows.” CCV talks about how there needs to be more fighters thinking like Keith Thurman while PG discusses another example of where nepotism has failed.
Rick and John's 5 At 10: $4 Billion Fight GameRick and John talk the weekend in sports with the 5 at 10. John live from SEC Media Days and Rick just home from Orlandos NBA Summer League recap the weekend in sports that includes...
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- What is Kell Brook Thinking?So does Kell Brook have a death wish or something? Craig and Sean talk about Kell Brook going up 13 pounds to fight the most feared boxer in the world, Gennady "GGG" Golovkin. Plus will Chris Arreola catch lighting in a bottle or will Deontay Wilder prove once again why many say he's the Best Heavyweight Champion in the World.
5 @ 10 On Middays With Rick & JohnRick and John start off the 5 @ 10 with the Braves beating the Cubs in 11 innings 4-3, with thanks to Nick Markakis. Kevin Durant signed to...
Championship Rounds with Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - 'Happy 50th Birthday Mike Tyson, I Still Can't Beat Him On Mike Tyson Punchout'Craig and Sean recap the Thurman/Porter fight, talk about what's next for Thurman? Tyson Fury hurt his ankle forced to postpone fight, is this real or is he out of shape. And with Mike Tyson turning 50, what is our favorite Mike Tyson moment
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - Will Thurman vs Porter go down as Fight of the Year?There hasn't been to many fights this year that we can say lived up to the hype. But the boxing world has been waiting for this fight and it's finally here. Craig & Sean break down Thurman vs Porter and talk boxing news and notes.
Boxing/MMA Analyst Ray Flores Talks Ali, Brock And Previews The Provodnikov/Molina FightRay Flores, Ring Announcer for the Premier Boxing Champions and The Boxing Channel host joined Rick and John on Thursday to talk about the Ruslan Provodnikov and John Molina Jr. fight. Flores says Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time...
Kimbo Slice Dead at Age 42Kimbo Slice, the bearded street fighter who parlayed his internet popularity into a mixed martial arts career and worldwide fame, has died. He was 42.

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