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Championship Rounds w/Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson: Adrian Broner Is The Chinese Food Of BoxingThe guys from Championship Rounds are back to break down this week’s action in the world of boxing. And there is no way to talk about boxing without starting with Mayweather vs McGregor news. Craig Carlos-Valentino (A.K.A. CCV) still believes this fight will happen because there is too much money to be mad by both sides to not make this fight. Sean Thompson still says NO WAY in hell they make this fight. Sean also says that not only is this fight bad for boxing, but it also does a disservice to fighters like Keith Thurman & Kell Brook. Adrian Broner is back in the ring this Saturday and this the Put Up or Shut Up moment for Broner. The guys talk about Broner and how he has so much talent in the ring, but the Adrian Broner outside the ring has ruin things for him. With Amir Khan asking for 70% split (like an idiot) to fight Kell Brook, that now gives us the fight all fight fans have been waiting for at 147 pounds. Kell Brook will fight Errol Spence May 20th in Sheffield England. Sean gives credit to both fighters for making this fight happen and giving the fans a real fight. Craig is worried about what kind of Kell Brook will we see on fight night? Will his eye create problems for him? Will he be too drained from making the 147 pound weight limit. Only time will tell. And of course in the Low Blows segment Craig calls out the bums in the 126 & 130 pound division & Sean Thompson calls out Amir Khan for Khaning his fans from seeing a real fight. Follow the guys on Twitter and Instagram @champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - "Body Shots aren't Sexy, but they work every time"The guys from Championship Rounds are back breaking down the 2017 Fight of the Year (there has been only been 1 fight in 2017). Craig Carlos-Valentino (CCV) says that the majority draw decision was the right decision and Sean Thompson believes Jack should have won the fight with his great body work. Sean also wants judges to give more credit for body shots, they aren't as sexy as head shots, but they will break a fighter down every time. The guys also preview the Santa Cruz vs Frampton 2 fight and both believe it will be as good as the 1st one was. Nobody has had a worse week than Golden Boy from DUI news to their 300 million dollar lawsuit vs Al Haymon being dismissed. What effect will this have on boxing? In the Quick Jabs segment Klitschko vs Joshua sold out Wembley stadium, Amir Khan finding more reason to not fight Kell Brook, and Andrzej Wawrzyk is the latest fighter to get busted for drugs before fighting Deontay Wilder. And you know it wouldn't be a show if they guys didn't roast somebody from the boxing game in their Low Blows segment. You can also follow the guys on Twitter and Instragram @ champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - "Floyd Mayweather is talking a lot for a guy who's suppose to be retired"Craig Carlos-Valentino (CCV) and Sean Thompson (Peanut Gallery) are back with their 1st show of 2017. The guys talk about what fights do they want to see in 2017 and in surprising fashion they both agree on the need for Deontay Wilder needs to fight the winner of the Joshua/Klitschko fight. This way if Wilder wins then we can finally have a Heavyweight Champion that everyone would consider the Champ, and that's an American. The guys also give their opinions about the announced opponents for Manny Pacquaio and Canelo Alvarez. And it wouldn't be a boxing segment if they didn't talk about the new rumors for Floyd Mayweather and will he come back. You can follow the guys on Twitter & Instagram @ champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- " If Crawford played Nebraska Football He wouldn't be going to jail."Craig Carlos-Valentino (CCV) and Sean Thompson (Peanut Gallery) get together for their final show of the year. Breaking down all the fights from this past weekend and Sean says Abner Mares was the big winner for the weekend. Not only did he show that his eye sight is perfect but now he put his name back in the mix for the 126 lb championship. CCV was impressed with Jermall Charlo performance over Williams. With his 5th round uppercut KO he has earned the right to fight Canelo Alvarez. Also the guys give their yearly awards for Fighter of the Year, Story of the year and 2016 Fight of the Year. And couldn't finish the year without calling out boxers in the Low Blows segment. Follow the guys on twitter and Instragram @champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- " If you can't make weight, just pound a burger and a shot of Henny while you are on the scales"Craig and Sean are back once again with another edition of Championship Rounds. The guys look back on one of the big fights that went down recently, preview a busy boxing Saturday, and look ahead to Miguel Cotto’s return to the ring in the not so distant future. As for Craig Aka CCV he is in high energy and ready to react to the Visaly Lomanchenko’s recent destruction of Nicholas Walters. “Lomanchenko is fast, throws great combinations, and has a great defense, he’s the perfect fighter,” said CCV. Sean AKA the Peanut Gallery thought he learned more about Walters than Lomachenko in this fight. And what he learned about Walters was far from positive. “We’ve seen Walters miss weight and now we’ve seen him quit in a fight where he was being outclassed but not beaten to a point where quitting made sense. Arturo Gatti and Diego Corrales are rolling over in their graves when they see someone who committed to stepping into the ring quit like that.” Both guys see sky’s the limit for Lomanchenko and some big fights on the horizon for him in 2017 and a strong case for him to be 2016’s fighter of the year. In other news it’s a busy fight weekend with another potential 2016 fighter of the year Terrence Crawford stepping into the ring against John Molina Jr. in Crawford’s hometown of Omaha. IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua returns to action and puts his undefeated record on the ling against the gritty Eric Molina from England. Another title is on the line as Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz battle in New Zealand tonight for the WBO title. Los Angeles is also the home for a big fight to determine who’s one of the best at 154 pounds as Julian Williams and Jermall Charlo battle it out. There is one other fight happening in LA, but the Peanut Gallery is definitely not a fan of that one and makes it very clear this week. “This fight shouldn’t be happening. Period. What did this one doctor know that all the other doctors didn’t to allow this fight tonight to be happening? I have a hard time supporting this fight let alone talking about it.” One fight that is happening in early 2017 is the return of Miguel Cotto who will be back after a 15 month layoff and will return to the ring against James Kirkland at the new Dallas Cowboys training facility. CCV definitely finds some humor in the location for this fight. “So Manny (Pacquiao) has fought and sold out the actual Cowboys stadium and Canelo sold out the stadium against Liam Smith, but Cotto is regulated to the Cowboys training facility? Clearly there aren’t high expectations for this fight,” said CCV. PG had to chime in on this fight as well, but his issue is that it’s a Pay Per View fight, “Wait because Roc Nation is in the hole with Cotto and owes him 10 million dollars we as fight fans have to suffer and actually pay to see this fight?” The guys hit a few “Quick Jabs” which include the 2017 Boxing Hall of Fame Class being announced, Julio Cesar Chavez Junior doing something he rarely ever does, and another young fighter gone way too soon. And of course as is the case of each edition of “Championship Rounds” the guys finish with their “Low Blows.” Craig focuses on how HBO seriously dropped the ball during the Lomanchenko and Walters fight while the Peanut Gallery calls out one fighter for his severe lack of commitment to the sport. Make sure to follow the show on Twitter and Instagram @Champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - " This isn't High School. Just because your face looks good, doesn't mean you won the fight"CCV and the Peanut Gallery are back after with “Championship Rounds” after a very controversial week in the sport. The guys react to what most who follow the world of boxing have been talking about this week. That of course is the aftermath of the light heavyweight championship showdown between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. Ward defeated Kovalev 114-113 on all three of the judges scorecard’s in a very competitive fight Saturday night in Las Vegas to win 3 light heavyweight championship belts. Did did the judges get it right? Many who saw the fight have come out publicly on social media to say that the judges did NOT get it right. What about the PG and CCV? How did they see the fight go Saturday night? Surprisingly the two actually agree for once on something and had pretty much an identical scorecard. For the Peanut Gallery part of the negative reaction to the fight was based on people not understanding how boxing matches are scored. “If the fight was a four round fight I would understand the outrage. But I feel like people forgot this was a 12 round fight,” PG chirps in during this week’s podcast. CCV added, “Kovalve and Ward wasn’t a school yard fight where whoever looks the worst is the winner.” Will there be a rematch between the Kovalev and Ward? Will it be a different outcome or more of the same if these two pound for pound best do it again? Both CCV and ST see another great fight happening if this fight does come off again. One thing PG wanted to make clear about Saturday’s fight, “For those who think Saturday’s fight was bad for boxing are crazy. This will generate more interest from fans who didn’t see it the first time because they were still protesting Mayweather and Pacquiao.” Speaking of pound for pound, another one of the best fighters in the world Vasyl Lomancheno will be in action this weekend against Nicholas Walters. The two will be fighting in Vegas for Lomachenko’s 130 pound WBO title. Outside of the die hard boxing fans not many are familiar with one of the best fighters out there. Will an impressive win against Walters Saturday night change that for Lomanchenko. “I know Bob Arum is hoping so for sure. I think he has some massive plans for Lomachenko and Saturday is just one small step towards that big goal,” said PG. After a few Quick Jabs on some of the latest news in the boxing world the guys finish this week’s show as they do every single one with their “Low Blows.” In this week’s edition Craig discusses while he supports one fighters stance he doesn’t support his focus. As for PG this week he talks about Andre Ward and what is the only thing needs to be thinking about and what for certain he does not need to be thinking about for his immediate future. You can follow the Championship Rounds on Twitter and Instagram @champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - Kovalev/Ward is what's Right with Boxing, McGregor/ Mayweather is what's Wrong with Boxing!!!!!Not even technical issues can keep the guys of Championship Rounds from doing their podcast this week. Especially with the biggest fight of 2016 happening this weekend in Vegas. And while Craig and the Peanut Gallery are not in Vegas like they would like to be they are definitely still ready to preview and talk about the Andre Ward and Sergei Kovalev fight this weekend. The biggest questions the guys tackle this weekend is do they think Kovalev/Ward will live up to the hype and will the winner of this fight be considered the best pound for pound fighter in boxing. The Peanut Gallery feels style points may ultimately decide the Kovalev/Ward winner’s fate in the pound for pound debate. “The winner of this fight has to put on a show and be the clear victor in order for them to claim the top spot. A disputed victory or ugly fight could actually hurt the winner longterm.” CCV sees a positive ending for the winner Saturday night regardless of who it is. “I think this fight is going to deliver in the end and be a great battle between the technician and the big puncher.” Boxing and the MMA shared some headlines this week. After his UFC victory last weekend, Connor McGregor turned his attention towards undefeated and currently retired boxing star Floyd Mayweather Junior. McGregor says for 100 million dollars he would fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring and was been very vocal about it this week. Mayweather was very vocal as well and had a few of his own choice words for McGregor. Is all this talk just chatter with no substance or could these two fighters actually face off in a boxing ring in 2017? The Peanut Gallery is not backing off on his prediction on Mayweather that he has had since September 2015 while Craig feels we will see Mayweather in the ring again soon, but against a familiar foe not named Connor McGregor. “Floyd is coming back in 2017. There is too much money out there for him not to come back and fight one more time,” Craig confidently states. CCV and PG deliver some “Quick Jabs” which focus on the guys discussing the projected PPV numbers of Pacquiao/Vargas, an upcoming unification at 168, and if the guys plan on seeing the new boxing movie “Bleed For This” which hits theaters this weekend. Finally as is the case with every show the guys deliver their “Low Blows” for the week which has PG focused on a fighter who he feels needs to find a new line of work while CCV discusses how boxing botched the handling of a few tests recently. Follow Championship Rounds on both Twitter and Instagram @Champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson - Vegas Here We ComeChampionship Rounds is back for another week and Craig and the Peanut Gallery have the latest news from the boxing world. The much talked about fight between former heavyweight champion Wladamir Klitschko and IBF champ Anthony Joshua is now officially off due to an injury suffered by Klitschko. Is this fight just postponed or will not ever happen? The Peanut Gallery is not so confident we will see this big heavyweight clash happen anytime soon. “When you give a fight more chances to not happen they tend to not happen due to all sorts of reasons.” Boxing has been under fire from many for a very underwhelming 2016 and deservedly so. Big fights that could have been made such as Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were not made. Add in the fact that there were a lot of one sided mismatches that were made and it’s easy to see boxing has had better years than 2016. However this week both Showtime and Premier Boxing Champions announced some big and exciting matchups to finish this year and for early 2017. Craig is definitely all in on the announcement and optimistic that it happens. “If all the fights announced this week happen like the Frampton and Santa Cruz rematch and the Garcia and Thurman fight then it would be great start to 2017 for boxing.” Poor Vegas hotels aside, PG and Craig are happy that they will be in Vegas in less than a week for next weekend’s welterweight showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas. Unfortunately many in boxing are not happy about this fight. So how do you sell a Pacquiao and Vargas fight to boxing fans and the overall public? PG and Craig both put their promoters hats on and to tell you why you need to see this fight next Saturday night during this edition of Championship Rounds. Finally, as with the case of every episode of Championship Rounds the guys deliver their “Low Blows” which focus on some of the lowlights going on in sports right now. PG focuses on why it was more a good news/bad news week for the sport of boxing. Craig discusses how if Manny Pacquiao wins next week there is without a doubt one fighter’s name that should not come out of Pacquiao’s mouth as a potential future opponent for him. Follow the guys of Championship Rounds on both Twitter and Instagram @ChampRounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- Did The Premier Boxing Championship ruin Boxing?On this week’s edition of Championship Rounds the Peanut Gallery and Craig Carlos Valentino are back after a brief hiatus with lots to discuss. First there are some “What if’” fights that are apparently now not happening before the end of 2016. We now know we won’t see Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs this year. It was announced this week that the two middleweight titlists wouldn’t be fighting in December as was previously rumored they would in fact do. Another rumored fight apparently now likely not happening is heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and former undisputed champ Wladamir Klitschko. Now that it appears both fights likely will not in 2016 which of the two are the guys more disappointed is not going down? The guys of course don’t agree and debate that very topic. In 2015 five hundred million dollars was invested into the launch of the Premier Boxing Champions series with the hopes of giving the sport of boxing more exposure and increase its popularity with the masses. Now a year and a half in what has been the overall effect of the PBC on boxing? Has the PBC actually hurt more than helped boxing? Many people have chimed in with their opinion of the PBC so far and of course PG and CCV are no different. PG feels the PBC was a great idea, but poorly executed. “How are you going to have a fighter like Keith Thurman fight one time in 15 months and expect to build his brand and increase his popularity?” Like they say with real estate CCV says it comes down to location, location, location with why the PBC hasn’t worked. “If people don’t know what channel a fight is going to be on how is that helping the fights? Non hardcore boxing fans are not going out of their way to find fights.” Evander Holyfield, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Johnny Tapia are the notable first timers on the ballot for the 2017 Boxing Hall of Fame. Most think all three are first ballot hall of famers. But it is not unanimous to the guys of Championship Rounds? The guys weigh in on the first timers in this class and reflect on their careers and if all three truly are first ballot hall of famers. As is the case with every show the guys finish with a few “Low Blows” which highlight some of the lowlights in the week in boxing. CCV explains why one fighter should not bring his personal problems to Twitter ever again. PG finishes up discussing how one current champion’s pick of opponent for his next fight is one of the worst decisions for a champion in boxing history. Follow the Championship Rounds and the guys on Twitter and Instagram @Champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- "Tyson Fury Should Have Listening to Rick James"Championship Rounds is back this week with a “Fury” of stories this week. Craig aka CCV and Sean aka the Peanut Gallery address all the stories lately with WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The guys try to make sense of Fury’s “retirement,” his “comeback,” another postponement, and his reported positive drug test for cocaine. With all the Fury news CCV states the obvious. “We could have done this entire podcast from the headlines to low blows just on Fury this week” Is Fury done as a fighter? Could Fury’s situation actually turn out to be a good thing for the heavyweight division in the long run? The guys have plenty to say as they answer these questions. PG and CCV also discuss how a Canelo Alvarez broken bone could actually turn into making the end of 2016 quite memorable for the sport of boxing. The Peanut Gallery certainly believes it will be a great holiday season in boxing. “Boxing has four million reasons to be thankful for that broken bone in Canelo’s hand. We now get to finish 2016 with some great boxing matchups” Sean and Craig are also popping bottles this week as they find out they are going to Vegas for the Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas fight. After the bottle popping the guys they talk about the interesting PPV broadcast team that was announced for that fight. Who’s Sean and Craig’s ultimate dream team boxing broadcast lineup? Well as usual the guys disagree on something and this week it’s on one particular broadcaster and his rank in the broadcasting elite. As is with the case of all editions of Championship Rounds the guys finish up with their “Low Blows.” For Craig this week he focuses on a fighter who is no stranger to being talked about in this segment. Sean on the other hand discusses another scenario where boxing has missed its mark. Follow Championship Rounds on Twitter and Instagram @Champrounds929
Championship Rounds w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson- "Canelo Alvarez Fans Are The Reason Why Alvarez Won't Fight GGG"Canelo & GGG - Will It Ever Happen? On this week's Championship Rounds Craig and Sean look back at Canelo Alvarez's one sided destruction of Liam Smith last weekend and react to the aftermath from it. With Canelo's win are we now any closer to seeing one of boxing's biggest fights that can made in Canelo and GGG now happening? While Craig is a little optimistic the fight will eventually happen Sean well not so much. "Canelo can talk all the we don't mess around and we made an offer to GGG stuff he wants. The bottom line is Canelo and Golden Boy don't feel like they need GGG. Canelo proved that Saturday night when over 50,000 people showed up to see him in a glorified sparring session." One potential big fight that won't happen most likely is Floyd Mayweather fighting UFC star Connor McGregor. Mayweather said this week that he was "moving on" from entertaining that fight ever materializing. However does that mean that Mayweather is done entertaining any future fights in the ring? Not so fast says CCV who says it's a numbers game that will ultimately get Floyd back in the ring again. "Floyd does not want to finish his career tied with Rocky Marciano at 49-0. No one has finished their career 50-0. Trust me Floyd is going to come back and get number 50." Sean and Craig also move up a few weight classes to discuss the latest with boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. We are about a month away from his rematch with Wladamir Klitschko. Can Fury do it again and show that the first fight was not a fluke or will we see Fury being more a show than actual substance? The guys finish up as they usually do with their "Low Blows" segment. Sean AKA the Peanut Gallery discuss boxing's failure to build to the big moment while Craig AKA CCV discusses one fighter who should keep his mouth shut for a little while. Follow the show and guys at @champrounds929 on both Twitter and Instagram
Championship Boxing w/ Craig Carlos-Valentino & Sean Thompson-"Liam Neeson Has A Better Chance At Beating Canelo Alvarez, Than Liam Smith"The best fighter in the world is…………………. In this week’s edition of “Championship Rounds” ST & CCV recap a very busy boxing weekend. The guys discuss middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin’s 5th round TKO victory over Kell Brook in London this past weekend. Was the stoppage premature? Did Brook’s corner who threw the towel in the ring during the fifth round and Brook still on his feet make a bad call? “That fight was always a matter of not if, but when GGG stopped Brook. His corner was clearly thinking about his future when they threw in the towel,” said the PG. Golovkin was not the only superstar in the ring this weekend as Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez was also in the ring this weekend as well. Gonzalez won a spirited battle and unanimous decision against a rugged and tough Carlos Cuadras by unanimous decision to win the WBC Junior Bantamweight belt. With the win Gonzalez has now won titles in four different weight classes. Were the guys impressed with Gonzalez’s performance? “I probably learned more about his opponent (Cuadras) this weekend. We know what Chocolatitio is going to bring in the ring when he fights. But we saw his victory this week was over a guy who is legit,” stated CCV. After this weekend though who do the guys have as their number one fighter on their mythical pound for pound list? GGG? Chocolatito? As usual the guys don’t agree as they both have a different fighter on top of their respective lists. Find out who ST says needs to dare to be great before he gets the #1 spot from him. ST discusses why he is having a hard time getting excited about next weekend’s junior middleweight championship fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Liam Smith. In fact ST discusses why he may do something this weekend he hasn’t done in a very long time in preparation for this fight Saturday night. The guys also discuss what’s becoming a strong possibility and that is Manny Pacquiao actually leaving HBO and not fighting on the network for his next fight in November? ST and CCV address that along with the burning question….If Manny leaves HBO who actually stands to lose the most? HBO or Pacquiao? CCV states what the long term plan of one rival network may be for wanting Pacquiao. After a few quick jabs the guys finish delivering some low blows which focus on why Boxing’s days in New York might be being numbered. As well as how Tyson Fury’s latest antics have both guys ready to throw in the towel on Fury. Make sure to follow the guys on Twitter and Instagram @Champrounds929

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