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Study: Babies Born In Summer Healthier As AdultsWomen who were born during the summer are healthier as adults, according to new research.
Study: Anorexia May Be Behavioral Habit Rather Than Self-ControlThe extreme dieting characteristic of anorexia may be linked to an individual's habits, rather than the actual willpower to starve oneself, according to new research.
Experts: Increase In Cigarette Production Linked To Disposable IncomeExperts say that a recent hike in American cigarette production may be linked to people having more disposable income.
Study: Higher Rates Of Skin Cancer Among Gay, Bisexual MenGay and bisexual men have higher rates of skin cancer than straight men, according to new research.
Study: Nighttime Texting Linked To Bad GradesStudents who reported texting or using social media late at night also reported their schoolwork suffered.
Flu Vaccine More Effective This Year, Also Helps Against Pneumonia And Stroke, Say StudiesResearchers suggest the flu virus may trigger other cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.
Study: Exercise Triggers Same Part Of Brain As MarijuanaThe "high" you get after running may be linked to the same high you get from smoking weed, according to a new study.
Study: Career Earnings Linked To WeightHow much you make at your job could be linked to the size of your waistline, according to new research.
Study: Easier To Maintain Low Weight In The '80sWhile diet and exercise play a crucial role in your weight, it turns out the decade you were born in could be an influence too, according to a new study.
Study: Potential Problem In Thousands Of Heart Valve ImplantsDoctors have discovered a potential problem involving implanted heart valves that hundreds of thousands of people have received — they don't always open and close properly, possibly because a blood clot has formed that could raise the risk of stroke.
Researchers Working On 'Exercise Pill'Researchers and scientists are working on a pill that has the same effect on the human body as exercise does.
Study: People Are Happiest In Their 20sAustralian researchers have determined that the period from age 30 to 65 is the most miserable for most people.