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Study: Younger Siblings More Likely To Commit Suicide

A recent study out of Sweden has revealed that younger siblings are more likely to commit suicide than firstborns or older siblings.


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Report: US Obesity Rate Reaches New High

According to a recent study, the obesity rate in the US has reached a new high.


Researchers found 70 percent of women who had both breasts removed were not at an elevated risk for cancer.(Credit: Thinkstock)

Study: Most Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Double Mastectomy Don’t Need It

Researchers found 70 percent of women who had both breasts removed were not at an elevated risk for cancer.


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Ingredients To Watch Out For In Your Cosmetics

Americans, in general, spend almost $40 billion a year trying to look good. The cosmetic market represents about 15 percent of the beauty industry and includes anything from lipstick to nail polish. But what’s in this stuff and how is it made?


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Study: Kids’ Injuries From Swallowing Magnets Increasing

A new study has found that the number of children who have suffered a serious injury after swallowing a magnet has increased.


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Study: Stem Cells Help Mice Paralyzed With MS-Type Virus Walk Again

According to a new study, mice that were paralyzed with a disease similar to multiple sclerosis regained the ability to walk and run again.


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Report: Some Kids’ Cereals Have As Much Sugar As Cookies

According to a new report, children’s breakfast cereal has as much sugar as cookies.


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Study: Chemicals In Soaps, Toys, Sunscreens May Inhibit Sperm

They’re chemicals found in everyday products — but new research says they may have a harmful effect on fertility.


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Study Finds Obesity Can Have Negative Effect On Young Breast Cancer Patients

A new study says obesity can have a negative effect on young breast cancer patients.


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The MERS Outbreak: Is The Government Doing Enough?

The CDC and WHO claim they are hard at work tracking 100 people that may have come in contact with the deadly MERS virus.


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