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US Lowering Recommended Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water

The government is lowering the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water because some kids are getting too much, causing white splotches on their teeth.


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Study: Exercise Won’t Fix Obesity Epidemic

Exercise will not cure the obesity epidemic, three researchers say in a new study.


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Study: Women Who Got Vaccinated For HPV May Need Another Shot

Women who received the human papillomavirus vaccine may be more likely to be infected with another strain of the HPV virus than women who do not get the vaccine, a new study finds.


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Snellville Nursing Home Under Investigation

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA (WAOK)- A metro Atlanta nursing home is under investigation following claims of neglect and mistreatment of a female patient. She was rushed to the emergency room with a 3-inch gash on the […]


KENTFIELD, CA - AUGUST 14: Cans of Monster Energy Drink are displayed on a shelf at a convenience store on August 14, 2014 in Kentfield, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Study: Energy Drinks Can Trigger Sudden Heart Attacks In Young People

Almost one in three 12 to 19-year-olds consume energy beverages that contain enough levels of caffeine to cause a heart attack.


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Study: 22 Percent Of Students Considered Working In Sex Industry

Almost 25 percent of students have considered working in the sex industry, a new study finds.


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Study: Women Who Sleep More Have More Sex

Women who sleep more tend to have more sex, a new study finds.


A group of 137 mothers breastfeed their children during an event promoted by the Association for Breastfeeding of Mexico, in Mexico City on August 2, 2014. (credit: ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Breastfed Babies Have Higher IQ, Income In Adulthood

Children who were breastfed their first year of life went on to have higher IQ scores and earned higher salaries, a new study finds.


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Study: Age-Linked Memory Loss May Be Worse For Men

Men may be more vulnerable to failing memory than women, a new study finds.


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Study: Stress, Depression Increase Risk Of Early Death

Stress and depression can be dangerous for people with heart problems, a new study finds.