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I Get It – Financial Info from Rob Wilson

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There are Three Types of Savings that every household should have.

I am not talking about what has become commercially accepted as investments. Society has created this false since of financial security that most people see their cars and even their flat screen TVs as investments. […]


ON MY OWN – What Every Young Adult Wants

You want to be on your own now? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Starting out on your own should not be a task for you. As you make your decision to take on […]


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Manipulating Women

Realizing that the majority of household finances are handled by women, I thought long and hard before writing a blog about Women Manipulating Money. I was very concerned that I might not articulate the point […]


Should Your Significant Other See Your Credit Report Before Marriage?

A young man in Miami recently had a Random thought and asked these questions on Facebook. “How upset would you be, if your significant other wanted to see your credit report before marriage? With finances […]


Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Who doesn’t want to have financial freedom or financial independence today? You can work hard each week and still find yourself living paycheck to paycheck. You must have a Wealth Conscious mindset over Poverty Conscious […]


Financial Absolutes – Beans and Rice concept works for the bean and rice minded people.

In this New Year, you will have responsibilities to provide a way of life for you and your family. Maintaining any kind of household there are things that you absolutely have pay to preserve life […]


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Fiscal Cliff for African Americans

African Americans are faced with two fiscal cliffs in this recovering financial environment. African Americans have decades of civil rights laws and federal anti-discriminating lending statutes and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) that should protect […]


Lose Fear, Lose Rent and Grab A Mortgage

In the last few years we have heard many news stories regarding how banks have had systemic discrimination practices towards African American & Hispanic families in pursuit of their American Dream by purchasing a home. […]


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How To Cure Your Shopping Addiction

Do you have the shopping bug and just can’t get rid of it? Well your host Rob Wilson will tell you how to cope with the habit. Listen here!


What Can Happen When You Buy Privately Owned Stocks?

When you consider privately held companies, the misconception is that they are small and of little interest. In fact, there are quite a few big-name companies that are also privately held, check out the […]