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Rick and John's Slice of Life: Best Amusement ParkRick and John get out of the house and play in today's Slice of Life. John spent the weekend at Malibu Grand Prix and after 100 swings in the batting cage...
Slice of Life: What Other Sport Will You Mindlessly WatchRick and John are sports junkies and talk TV with today's Slice of Life. With Football days away, we dont have to spend our weekends watching whatever is on to get a sports fix. So, we ask what other sport do you watch besides baseball or football...
5 Food To Cook Over Your Backyard CampfireGet the most out of your backyard campfire. Here are five delicious recipes to try this summer.
Rick and Johns Slice of Life: Road Rage RulesRick and John get personal and angry when talking about traffic in today's Slice of Life. Rick and John get stuck in Atlanta traffic on a daily basis. Lately, it makes John want to rage on the streets...
Rick and Randys Slice of Life: Credit With The Wife
Forget Canning: Pickle Your Summer Fruits & VegetablesDon't waste that Summer produce; pickle your fruits and vegetables this year.
Slice of Life: You're Into What?!Rick and John have some odd interests and struggle to get their friends on board with their interests. Rick went "glamping" over the weekend. Glamping is camping for the 1%. You're not roughing it, you have a generator, lights...
Rick and Zinno's Slice of Life: Disgusting CondimentsRick and Mark Zinno have some specific tastes and are not afraid to gross people out to satisfy their taste buds. Mark Owens saw a co-worker douse his mac and cheese with ketchup. Seriously, ketchup on sheels and cheese...
Slice of Life: Bathroom Etiquette
Slice of Life: What (legally) Relaxes You?
Best Craft Coffee Spots In AtlantaYou might think that Atlanta is too warm to be a coffee town, but think again! It seems like there are new cafes entering the scene every week. We've chosen a few of our favorites for you to try.
Slice of Life: Sports Topic That Sets You OffRick and John are pretty calm, but there's always that one topic that sets you off and we discuss it in today's Slice of Life. Big Hugh hates to get challenged by wanna be NFL fans who think they know more about the sport he played than he does..

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