Rick and Johns Slice of Life: Making $5 LastRick and John stretch their cash with today's Slice of Life. Talking about drinking and college got the show to thinking about their days being super broke...
Rick and Johns Slice of Life: Road Rage RulesRick and John get personal and angry when talking about traffic in today's Slice of Life. Rick and John get stuck in Atlanta traffic on a daily basis. Lately, it makes John want to rage on the streets...
Slice of Life: Bunking Up RulesJohn and Arch give you a list of rules if you are out of town and have to bunk up with a co-worker or even a buddy. John is staying with Knox Bardeen in Hoover and because space is limited, they are bunking up and John quickly found out...
John And Randys Slice of Life: Your Worst CarJohn and Randy Mac get in their way back machine to think of their worst car and what made it so bad. Call it a tank, junker, POS, lemon or hooptie, we have all had a bad car...
Slice Of Life: Letting It Rip In Front Of Your LadyWell, it was bound to happen, but today we get really immature and talk about farts. Specifically, farting in front of your lady. John is not afraid to let one go with his girl in the room. He admits to being a big ogre and when he has to fart, well, hes gonna fart...
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