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Car Colors Are Getting Bolder

Better economic times prompt buyers to like more expressive colors.


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Stable Gas Prices, Younger Buyers, Expected To Push Car Sales Higher

Experts at Traverse City Conference predict continued growth, but raise some concerns about the impact of new trends.


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Some Concerned About Car Computers’ Effect On Privacy

Connecting to the web on the road is a convenience that could be harming us. What is saved and shared has people concerned.



2014 Hyundai Equus

“coddled”….per Webster: “to treat tenderly; tend to indulgently; pamper”…..and that pretty much sums up the mission of Hyundai’s top-of-the line Equus. Now in it’s 4th year, the ’14 Equus has pretty much thought of everything…and […]



2014 Infiniti QX60 3.5 AWD

Luxury, Utility…and a good dose of Economy, too! While the name QX is new, Infiniti’s QX60 has been on the market since 2012. It was formerly known as the JX. And in its third year […]


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Hyundai Recalls 883K Sonatas To Fix Gear Shifters

Hyundai is recalling its popular Sonata midsize sedan to fix problems with the gear shift levers. The recall covers 883,000 cars from the 2011 through 2014 model years.


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US Opens Probe Of Chevrolet Impala Air Bag Performance

The probe was opened over an April 2011 car crash that severely injured an elderly man when the passenger air bags didn’t deploy.


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Plug-In Car Sales Charging Ahead

Plug-In 2014, the premiere electric vehicle conference in the nation, began on Monday at the San Jose Convention Center with those in attendance discussing and debating the future of plug-in cars.



2014 Infiniti QX 70

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, here’s why: Infiniti has re-named their entire fleet….with all sedans and coupes now carrying a “Q” designation….and their SUVs “QX”. I’m tempted to say “T” might have been a […]



2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Let’s be honest…..way too many SUV / CUV drivers look a bit bored….distracted…all too happy to talk and drive…eat and drive…almost anything except put both hands on the wheel and drive. Tiguan drivers may not […]



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