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2014 Infiniti QX 70

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, here’s why: Infiniti has re-named their entire fleet….with all sedans and coupes now carrying a “Q” designation….and their SUVs “QX”. I’m tempted to say “T” might have been a […]



2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Let’s be honest…..way too many SUV / CUV drivers look a bit bored….distracted…all too happy to talk and drive…eat and drive…almost anything except put both hands on the wheel and drive. Tiguan drivers may not […]



2014 Toyota Tacoma 4X4

Handy Family Hauler This might be an unusual way to begin a vehicle review, but I’ve gotta’ be honest. I’ve been intrigued with Toyota’s Tacomas for decades….ever since I first started seeing them on TV […]



2014 Toyota Prius “Four”

I don’t admire the Pruis as much for it’s 50+ MPG as I do for it’s 48+ MPG. Let me explain. Most people….a lotta’ people….well, I, anyway….jump into a Prius and try to see just […]


In The Lab

Who Is The AutoNsider?

Great question… Automobiles have been my passion since I was old enough to read a magazine. My dad subscribed to Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road and Track. I was such a “motorhead” that […]



2014 Toyota Camry

So I got out of a Porsche 911 and into a 4-cylinder Camry. Huge letdown?   Big Bummer?   No….not really. More like the difference in changing out of an Armani suit into a comfortable pair of […]



2014 Toyota Corolla S

What was once “Cheap” is now borderline chic. Cars like the Corolla used to be called “penalty boxes”. They were inexpensive, small, unrefined and generally undesirable. No more….except for the inexpensive part. Today, cars like […]



2014 Porsche 911 Carrera

You know how sometimes those childhood dreams…if and when they finally comer true later in life….never seem to live up to your expectations? Not this one. Always wanted to drive a “basic” non-turbo 911 stick […]


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2014 Lexus RX 350/F Sport

When Lexus arrived in the U.S. market at the end of 1989 with the 1990 model LS 400, it was clear that they were taking aim at the luxury car market. The car was roomy, […]



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