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Is There a Solution to Police Shootings?

Is there a remedy to prevent the recent police shootings from occurring again? Do we as a community need to do more than simply have “the talk” with our young black men? Rashad Richey posed […]



The Movement With Dr. F. Keith Slaughter – 4/20/2015

It’s time for a movement and it’s more than just a morning show! Dr. F. Keith Slaughter brings you the real every morning from 7-10 AM with “The Movement“, heard on 1380 WAOK. Today, we had two […]



Hank Johnson to Speak at Home Going Service for Nick Thomas

Congressman Hank Johnson has stood alone on capitol hill in his fight for the demilitarization of the police, but also in voicing his frustration and anger with congress for not acting or speaking on the […]


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Reaction to APS Sentencing, Who Are the Real Victims

A day after the former APS educators were sentenced for their roles in the APS Cheating Scandal that rocked the city of Atlanta, Rashad Richey and the WAOK community reacted to the controversial sentences handed […]


The Bev Smith Show: Unjust Justice

Tonight Bev Smith, is joined by a black North Charleston cop, James Randolph, as they discussed about how the police department is split on the Walter Scott shooting along racial lines.


Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman: Let Us Make Man Speakers

On Too Much Truth, two Let Us Make Man speakers stopped by. Julious George, speaker for Gangs, Cliques and Crews: The Misguided Spirit of Our Young Warriors, shared his back story and what he will […]


Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman: Attorney Weighs in on APS Case

On Too Much Truth Attorney Gerald Griggs gave a first hand account regarding his client, Angela Williamson’s, and her outcome in the case. Listen below:


Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman: Fired Up about APS Sentencing

On Too Much Truth community activist Reverend Timothy McDonald weighed in on the APS sentencing and how he feels about how this case was handled. Listen below:


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Former North Charleston Police Gives Insight to Arrest of Officer Charged with Murder

In wake of the murder of Walter Scott, another unarmed black man who was gunned down by a white North Charleston Police Officer, James Randolph, a former North Charleston Police Officer called in to Real […]