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Rashad Responds to Baltimore Riots

After a days of rioting in Baltimore, Rashad Richey responded to the the causes of it, and how it has been portrayed in the media. The rioting began the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral, which […]


The Bev Smith Show: Police Accountability

With the continue outbreak of riots on both sides of the coast, who can we hold accountable? Is it the community or the people who took an oath to “serve and protect”? Earlier this morning, […]


The Bev Smith Show: Prison Censorship

A Pennsylvania law that restricts the speech of prisoners is the subject of a lawsuit entered in United States District Court earlier this year by a group that includes journalists, media outlets, academics and former […]


Jesse Kidder Body Cam

Good Cop or Good Example of White Privilege?

Ohio Police Officer, Jesse Kidder, was confronted by an aggressive white male, who was then suspected to have killed two people, asking to be shot by the police officer, and went as far as running […]


Bloomberg / Contributor

Is There a Solution to Police Shootings?

Is there a remedy to prevent the recent police shootings from occurring again? Do we as a community need to do more than simply have “the talk” with our young black men? Rashad Richey posed […]