Best Iced Coffee In AtlantaEven with a few chills here and there, Atlanta is preparing for spring along with great anticipation of the summer months ahead. Many folks in Atlanta depend on their ‘jump start’ for the morning (any time of the year) for that good old coffee/caffeine jolt in the morning. Placebo or not, many feel they cannot function until they have their daily “fix” of caffeine. It is certainly a major part of the morning routine for lots of folks; and not always just for the morning. While a booster shot in the afternoon of one of the high energy drinks can satisfy the remedy for the afternoon “slump,” they are not appetizing as a nice “round” of coffee; enjoyed many different ways including iced with various flavorings. However one may “take” their coffee, even the caffeine-free version, coffee is just one of those things that add so much to life. The coffee bean has many friends and many events take place “over coffee!” Coffee making has evolved over the years using many different types of apparatus for the preparing of it – from the old peculator on top of the stove that was apt to boil over if left unattended to the new modern “one cup” serving machines. The coffee elixir has been called by many different synonyms, such as, “a cup of joe, a cup of brew, java, and to some, ”jet fuel.” Ancestors would be amazed today that there are shops and stores created solely for the sheer enjoyment of the hot drink…but wait there is a new kid on the block that will appease the coffee appetites for the upcoming warm to hot days ahead. Iced coffee is becoming another form of refreshment that people are enjoying. Atlanta, the metropolitan/international city that it is, has become a mecca of shops, bakeries, and restaurants that take great pride in their iced-coffee presentations.
White House Pushing Healthcare Enrollment As Deadline NearsA Federal Health Insurance Enrollment Event Is Being Held Today In Atlanta.
Affordable Health Care: Enroll By Sunday Or "It'll Be Taken From Your Tax Return"
Study: Nearly 2 Million Elderly Americans May Go Untreated For DementiaStudy finds 55 percent of patients with dementia had gone without diagnoses or treatment until being personally interviewed for a survey.
Government Pushes Healthcare Enrollment
What Has The Affordable Care Act Accomplished A Year Later?With almost a year under its belt, has the Affordable Care Act impact as many people as it originally set out to?
Georgia Seniors Save Millions Through Obamacare
U.S. Supreme Exempts Businesses From Contraception MandateA divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that some companies with religious objections can avoid the contraceptives requirement in President Obama's health care overhaul, the first time the high court has declared that businesses can hold religious views under federal law.
Supreme Court Backs Private Businesses, Cuts Contraceptive Support
Health Law: Embrace, Avoid Or In Between For Dems Democratic candidates are trying to figure out whether to embrace or avoid President Barack Obama's health care overhaul — or land somewhere in between.
U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez Gets Real with Rashad Richey
Catholic Groups Win Fight Over Contraception Federal judge rules certain non-profit organizations in Georgia affiliated with the Catholic Church are not subject to a contraception mandate included in Obamacare.

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