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Jason Bailey, along with three-time Super Bowl champion and CBS Sports analyst Randy Cross, anchor the station’s line-up, and kick-off morning drive with a smart and entertaining program.
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Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 2
April 16, 2014
We do name drop with audio from Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari and former closer of the New York Yankees Mariano Rivera, we discuss the hate mail directed towards the Atlanta Braves following the comments of baseball legend Hank Aaron, and we preview the next hour of the show.
Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 1
April 16, 2014
We discuss the big announcement about a possible MLS team being in Atlanta, we talk about the University of Georgia Pro Day, we discuss Clowney's decision to opt out of working out for anymore NFL teams leading up to the draft, and we preview name drop for the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-15-14 Hour 2
April 15, 2014
Find out who made today's Name Drop and the team discusses Aldon Smith and if you'd have a problem with a "problem guy" on your team.
Jason & Randy 4-15-14 Hour 1
April 15, 2014
The guys discuss Masters winner Bubba Watson attending a Waffle House after his win and the Atlanta Hawks make the playoffs
Jason & Randy 4-24-2014 Hour 4
April 14, 2014
We talk with former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, we talk about the rioting in Minnesota after the Golphers Frozen Four championship defeat to the Union, we do the Atlanta trends and gripelist to end the show.
Jason & Ranyd 4-14-2014 Hour 3
April 14, 2014
We do "Drop A Pair", former left fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies Gary Matthews, Sr. joins us to talk baseball past and present, we talk about the student from Indiana who missed out on a $1million on Wheel of Fortune, we talk about G-Day for the Georgia Bulldogs, and we preview the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-14-2014 Hour 2
April 14, 2014
We do "name drop" with audio from Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer and 2014 Masters winner Bubba Watson, we discuss the Masters, Jason talks about his Daddy Daughter dance over the weekend, and the guys talk about flipping between both the Masters and the Braves, and we preview the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-14-14 Hour 1
April 14, 2014
We discuss the Atlanta Braves sweep of the Washington Nationals, we talk about the best football movies, we talk about Draft Day movie premiere and how it did, we discuss why the Jets pulled out of being in the movie, and we preview name drop for the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-11-2014
April 11, 2014
We talk with former 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark, we talk about the death of the "Ultimate Warrior", we do the Atlanta trends, and we finish up the show with the gripelist.
Jason & Randy 4-11-2014 Hour 3
April 11, 2014
The guys do their dammy's segment, we discuss Colin Kaepernick's legal investigation and how athlete's in general have to do a better job of staying out of the news for the wrong reasons, and we preview the last hour of the show.
Jason & Randy 4-11-2014 Hour 2
April 11, 2014
We do the name drop segment, we discuss the different ways to cheat in sports, we talk about the Yankees pitcher with pine-tar on his hands, and we preview the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-11-2014 Hour 1
April 11, 2014
We discuss the 2014 Masters and talk about whose at the top of the leaderboard after the 1st round, we talk about Stephen Colbert being next in line to replace David Letterman, and we preview the name drop coming up in the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-10-14 Hour 4
April 10, 2014
Brian Jordan joins the show to discuss the Braves, the guys discuss the Ultimate Warrior, and Atlanta Trends/Gripe List close the show.
Jason & Randy 4-10-14 Hour 3
April 10, 2014
Brian Katrek joins the show to discuss the Masters and find out what sports translate best on radio
Jason & Randy 4-10-14 Hour 2
April 10, 2014
Name Drop and Manny Arora joins the guys to discuss Derrick Gordon
Jason & Randy 4-10-14 Hour 1
April 10, 2014
The Braves & The Flag and we visit Hank Aaron's comments towards today's society
Jason & Randy 4-9-14 Hour 4
April 9, 2014
Guys discuss the Atlanta 16 Bracket, Atlanta Trends, and The Gripe List
Jason & Randy 4-9-14 Hour 3
April 9, 2014
Vick Petition, Jersey sales, and Randy puts to bed what musical era the 90's were
Jason & Randy 4-9-14 Hour 2
April 9, 2014
We kick of the the hour with Name Drop and discuss Hank Aaron
Jason & Randy 4-9-14 Hour 1
April 9, 2014
WrestleMania 30 Recap, Sean shares his Final Four Trip, and The Ultimate Warriors passes away
Jason & Randy 4-8-14 Hour 4
April 8, 2014
Jeff Garlin in studio, Hank Aaron conversation, Atlanta trends and #gripelist round out the show
Jason & Randy 4-8-14 Hour 3
April 8, 2014
Masters Conversation and Denny McClain joins the show
Jason & Randy 4-8-14 Hour 2
April 8, 2014
Find out who made Name Drop and find out Atlanta's greatest sports moment
Jason & Randy 4-8-14 Hour 1
April 8, 2014
The guys discuss UConn winning the National Championship, Masters Conversation, and John Daily drinks how many Diet Cokes in a day?
Jason & Randy 4-7-14 Hour 3
April 7, 2014
Dave Baker joins the show and the guys continue NCAA talk