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Jason Bailey, along with three-time Super Bowl champion and CBS Sports analyst Randy Cross, anchor the station’s line-up, and kick-off morning drive with a smart and entertaining program.
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Jason & Randy 4-23-14 Hour 4
April 23, 2014
The Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders stopped by, Chip Smith joined the show, and we closed out the show with Atlanta Trends/ The Gripe List
Jason & Randy 4-23-2014 Hour 3
April 23, 2014
We discuss the 10year anniversary of the late Pat Tillman and talk about whether or not he should be considered for the pro footbal HOF, two of the Hawks cheerleaders join us live in studio, and we preview the last hour of the show.
Jason & Randy 4-23-2014 Hour 2
April 23, 2014
We do the name drop segment with audio from Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, we discuss the impact of Pujols hitting his 500th homerun, we give fun facts about the legendary Wrigley Field that is now 100 years old, we discuss suspensions that were dealt to players involved in the brawl from the Pirates/Brewers,
Jason & Randy 4-23-2014 Hour 1
April 23, 2014
We discuss the Atlanta Hawks 101 to 85 loss to the Inidana Pacers in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs, we discuss Lebron James being the number one athlete sports fans in Georgia are obsessed with, we talk about the Atlanta Braves 1 to 0 loss to the Miami Marlins, and we preview the name drop coming up in the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-22-14 Hour 4
April 22, 2014
Julian Peterson of Fox Sports South The Panel joins the show live in studio and we close the hour with Atlanta Trends and The Gripe List.
Jason & Randy the Morning Show hour 3 4-22-14
April 22, 2014
Continue our discussion with Hawks fans and listeners about reason they are jaded,promo former NFL linebacker Julian Peterson from Fox Sports South coming into the studio next hour
Jason & Randy the Morningshow hour 2 4-22-14
April 22, 2014
name drop with Peyton manning and Isaiah thomas,great discussion with callers on Hawks fans,hawks have not been drawing them in as expected
Jason & Randy The Morning Show Hour 1 4-22-14
April 22, 2014
the guys start the show by talking about the first American to win the Boston marathon since 1983,rolando McClain is retiring to go back to school,Jason and randy talk about those who retired and tried to come back,they promo the Name Drop at the top of the hour
Jason & Randy 4-22-14 Hour 1
April 22, 2014
The guys open the show talking about the Boston Marathon and the 1996 Olympic Park Bombing.
Jason & Randy 4-21-2014 Hour 4
April 21, 2014
We discuss the Northwestern anti-union dialogue with players, former Alabama linebacker Adrian Hubbard joins us live in studio, and we do the Atlanta trends followed by the gripelist to end the show.
Jason & Randy 4-21-2014 Hour 3
April 21, 2014
We do our "Drop A Pair" segment, we have former NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes on with us to talk football, we discuss the death of Hurricane Carter, and preview the last hour of the show.
Jason & Randy
April 21, 2014
started out the hour with Name Drop-Charles Barkley and Gregg Popovich,the one year anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing,Boston beafing up their security and adding medical tents for this years event,talked about team names with Native American mascots being offensive or not,
Jason & Randy 4-18-14 Hour 4
April 18, 2014
Dr. Mark Hanson, ran the 2013 Boston Marathon and is running again this year, NFL Mock Draft talk, and Atlanta Trends and The Gripe List close out the week!
Jason & Randy 4-18-14 Hour 3
April 18, 2014
We start of the hour with the Dammies and COO of Orlando City Soccer Brett Lashbrook joins the show to discuss Atlanta new MLS team
Jason & Randy 4-18-14 Hour 2
April 18, 2014
Play along with us for Name Drop and find out the latest with Puig
Jason & Randy 4-18-14 Hour 1
April 18, 2014
The guys discuss the 30 for 30 Bad Boys special
Jason & Randy 4-17-14 Hour 4
April 17, 2014
Lt Alejandro Villanueva joined the show to discuss his potential NFL future and Atlanta Trends/Gripe List close out the show.
Jason & Randy 4-17-14 Hour 3
April 17, 2014
Continued the Religion in sports conversation, Chip Caray joined the program to discuss the Braves, and Thing 2 (our intern) does his best story telling voice
Jason & Randy 4-17-14 Hour 2
April 17, 2014
Take a stab at today's Name Drop and friend to the show, Manny Arora joined the show to discuss NCAA rule changes and religion in college sports
Jason & Randy 4-17-14 Hour 1
April 17, 2014
The team discuss the new Atlanta MLS team and CJ2K to Jets
Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 4
April 16, 2014
We discuss college signature scents, we talk with former Georgia Tech star defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu, we do the Atlanta trends, followed by the gripelist to end the show.
Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 3
April 16, 2014
We talk with First Lieutenant and former Army wideout Alenjandro Villaneuva, we discuss the Boston Marathon tribute, the arrest that took place at the tribute, discuss whether or not catastrophic events motivate/heal cities, and we preview the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 2
April 16, 2014
We do name drop with audio from Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari and former closer of the New York Yankees Mariano Rivera, we discuss the hate mail directed towards the Atlanta Braves following the comments of baseball legend Hank Aaron, and we preview the next hour of the show.
Jason & Randy 4-16-2014 Hour 1
April 16, 2014
We discuss the big announcement about a possible MLS team being in Atlanta, we talk about the University of Georgia Pro Day, we discuss Clowney's decision to opt out of working out for anymore NFL teams leading up to the draft, and we preview name drop for the next hour.
Jason & Randy 4-15-14 Hour 2
April 15, 2014
Find out who made today's Name Drop and the team discusses Aldon Smith and if you'd have a problem with a "problem guy" on your team.