92-9 The Game Play By Play Schedule

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Every week you can hear the best College Football, NBA basketball and NFL football games right here on 92-9 The Game. Here’s our latest updated schedule for THIS week:


Wednesday 2/25

NBA:  Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks; 7pm Pregame; 7:30pm Tip-Off


Friday 2/27

NBA:  Hawks vs. Orlando Magic; 7pm Pregame; 7:30pm Tip-Off


Saturday 2/28

NBA:  Hawks @ Miami Heat; 7pm Pregame; 7:30pm Tip-Off

Sunday 2/29

NCAA BB:  Michigan St. @ Wisconsin: 3:45pm Pregame, 4:00pm Tip-Off (Westwood)


Tuesday 3/3

NBA:  Hawks vs. Houston Rockets; 7pm Pregame; 7:30pm Tip-Off


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