The kids ain’t gonna let go. The “28-3 memes” are everywhere we look.

If you post, write or joke about “28-3” you are not trendy, or cutting, or even funny.

You aren’t paying attention. And it’s time to wake up.

There’s another! Yep, right there! Last Saturday, at a soccer game, in Canada!

During the Atlanta United game in Vancouver some chucklehead had the bright idea to make a sign aimed at the audience back home that took a shot at the Falcons. Not the futbol team playing their club, in their country, where American football is a second-rate sport, but the defending NFC Champions that would beat their beloved CFL team the British Columbia Lions by around 115 points.

It’s not so much that I am bothered by the latest “28-3” cheap shot as I find it truly laughable.

You have no clue what’s about to hit you, do you?

You actually think we are wallowing so hard in what happened in Houston (and yes it hurts; it will always hurt) that it’s going to shut us down?

All the predictions for the Falcons season saying — they have the fourth-best shot in the NFC of making Super Bowl 52 (behind the Cowboys, Packers and Seahawks in some order). That Tampa Bay is the hot team that will win the NFC South. That the over/under on Falcons wins this season is 10 (ESPN predicted 9.5 in some made-up metric just last week).

You are ’bout to be gobsmacked with a reality that you won’t know how to handle.

28-3? That’s actually fairly correct. Since that will be the average halftime score of every Falcons game this season. Only this time there will be no letting off the gas.

This team learned the hard way how to correct the mistakes of Dan Quinn’s first 8-8 season. Red-zone issues, turnover margin, talent upgrades. They will learn again to correct the issue of letting off the gas and silly pre-snap penalties. And there is that next-talent level upgrade that just happened.

Let’s be clear. The Falcons won’t win 10. They won’t battle for the NFC South title and they won’t be in a race with the likes of Seattle for the NFC title. They are far, far, better than all of those predictions and all those other teams.

Here’s your new sign.


28-3 wasn’t an end or a legacy. It was a kick-start. And only someone not paying attention doesn’t understand that.


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