ATLANTA — The Braves returned home to Atlanta after a big win in Miami Wednesday. But creating more buzz that the victory or the team’s 2-6 record is their 2017 home opener Friday night at the newly built SunTrust Park.

Grant McAuley joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on “The Morning Show” to talk about the first regular-season game ever at the Braves’ new home (7:35 p.m. ET is first pitch between Atlanta and San Diego Friday), SunTrust Park.

During the conversation, McAuley marveled at how comfortable and familiar SunTrust Park already felt, even though the venue has only hosted one event, an exhibition game on March 31. He said with everything going on around the ballpark and the venues being constructed nearby, the “fan experience will be way up there.”

McAuley stated, speaking on how on top of the action fans will feel at SunTrust Park, if someone’s in the front row of seats behind home plate, they’ll actually be closer to the batter that the pitcher will be (approximately 30 feet from home plate to the backstop and 60 feet and six  inches from the plate to the rubber on the pitchers’ mound.

Click below to hear the entire conversation with McAuley on SunTrust Park:



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