Should Trump Stop Defending Bill O’Reily?
Ok… Why does the President of the United States continue to defend his friends who have been accused of sexually harassing women?
Recently Trump supporter and journalist (I use that term loosely) Bill O’Reilly was exposed for having having multiple women who claimed he sexually harassed them and used his position to coerce them. He decided to settle out of court with these women to the tune of 13 million dollars. His former boss Roger Ailes was accused of the same behavior and was forced to resign…and what did Trump do, defended him also. Congresswoman Maxine Waters called them a “Sexual Harassment Enterprise”. I mean REALLY! You’re the leader of the free world and you can’t find better friends?
But you are the guy who said, “grab them by the pu**y”. And are we forgetting when Bill O’Reilly launched a campaign against rapper Ludacris and forced a major beverage company to drop him because Bill said Luda’s music was degrading to women… but now we know Bill was secretly settling sexual harassment complaints…You can’t make this stuff up.
Can you imagine the harassment many women face in the workplace constantly. They deserve a President who will stand up for them and not their harassers.

Listen below.



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