Let’s talk about MONEY! Trump’s White House released it’s budget or MONEY proposal. It’s basically what the President considers important and says “these are the programs that deserve money.” But this budget is…well…INSANE And many people from both parties agree! 
Trump decided it was a good idea to cut funding from Meals on Wheels who serve dinners to the elderly, he cut 9 billion dollars from The Department of Education and took money from PBS {now why he gotta mess with Sesame Street I don’t know}. But in all seriousness he also decided not to include ONE DIME of additional spending for our HBCUs even though he said he would. As a matter of fact Trump cut money from colleges including HBCUs by eliminating funding for programs like Upward Bound which a lot of people including myself benefited from.
And let’s not play the game of saying he’s just trying to save America money because the same guy who is cutting money from children, college students and the elderly also called to increase money for the military by 54 billion dollars! Even Veterans are saying that’s too much.
But there’s still time to change this, remember Congress has to approve the budget. It’s not Trump’s money it’s our money. Maybe we need to remind him of that. 

Listen below.



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