For almost 8 years Republicans have been screaming “Repeal and Replace Obamacare”. They campaigned on this and even said they had multiple plans that were better. But now they control the House, the Senate and the Presidency and still can’t get it together!
Recently their repeal and replace healthcare bill died a quick death before it even got a vote. But what really happened? President Trump said during his campaign, “I will cover EVERYBODY” but the healthcare bill republicans proposed would have made 24 million people lose coverage. Also, Trump said he would include a provision allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines…also not in the bill. Trump, did you even read the bill?
The republican version increased premiums for the elderly but gave huge breaks to the very wealthy. Bottom line, this bill died because it was a bad for Americans and over 70% were against it. Let’s just keep it 100. This Repeal and Replace propaganda was never about the people but rather about undoing President Obama’s legacy. IT’S ALL POLITICS!
We know Obamacare is not perfect so both parties should be working together to get this right.
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