So President Donald Trump insinuated in a tweet that Snoop Dogg should be jailed. This tweet was a response to a new Snoop video where he’s seen using a fake looney tune styled gun and shooting a character who resembles Donald Trump in clown makeup.
First off, none of us condone the assassination or mocked assassination of a US President. But let’s be real, Snoop didn’t aim a gun at Trump. It was an actor in a rap video. What Snoop did is called satire; the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize societal issues and politics. It may be in bad taste but it’s completely legal and protected under the 1stAmendment of our US Constitution: it’s called Freedom of Speech and no one should be jailed for it Mr. President. As a matter of fact the US Supreme Court said, without (freedom of speech) other fundamental rights would wither and die.
That’s why T.I. responded by saying Trump is a wanna be dictator, the artist Common called it Freedom of Expression and other celebrities have chimed in…all protected under Free Speech.
 And do we remember when Singer Ted Nugent who was a Trump supporter and featured in a Trump Campaign ad called for bothPresident Obama and Secretary Clinton to “be tried for treason & hung? Trump defended his statements!
So while I understand the outrage from Snoop’s video, I also can understand if people are outraged that our president wakes up in the morning ranting about a rapper for exercising his constitutional rights. And let’s not forget when Trump said, “I can stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody” and know one arrested him for it because the same constitutional protections that work for Snoop also work for Trump. Let me know your thoughts. You can listen to Real Talk with Rashad Richey on 1380 WAOK weekdays from 10am to 1pm. 

Listen below.


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