Is it just me or is President Trump “trippin” harder than usual lately? I mean seriously…he’s tweeting that former President Barack Obama personally ordered his phone tapped while he was still a candidate? WOW! First of all, that’s a sensational claim, where’s the evidence? After all you are the same guy who claimed your political opponent’s dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination. You also said millions and millions of people illegally voted and you claimed to have won the presidency with the largest electoral college victory in recent history…all of those statements happen to be UNTRUE! Additionally, an Obama spokesperson said President Obama never ordered any tap on any US citizen. The former National Intelligence Director says the same. Now the current FBI director is encouraging your Justice Department to rebuke your claims. In other words (Jay Z’s THE TAKEOVER ) “We don’t believe you, you need more people” EXACTLY! Why did Trump tweet this? Do you think it’s something there, is he simply paranoid or maybe trying to distract us from something else. Let me know your thoughts. Comment below and be sure to tune in weekdays from 10am to 1pm.

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