Your boys from Championship Rounds are back again breaking down all the events from this week in Boxing. Come to find out that Craig Carlos-Valentino (CCV) & Sean Thompson (A.K.A. too many to name) are heading to Birmingham tomorrow night for the Deontay Wilder versus Gerald Washington WBC Heavyweight Championship fight. It will be the 2nd time the guys from Championship Rounds will head down to Birmingham to cover Deontay Wilder.  The guys preview the fight and what they want to see from Wilder in this fight Saturday night.

Adrian Broner won a split decision last Saturday night. But he wasn’t that impressive. Have we seen the best of Broner and this is his peak?  With the Oscars Sunday night the guys pick their top 5 boxing movies from this century.  Here’s the list of the Movies :

  • Rocky Balboa  2006
  • Creed  2015
  • Cinderella Man 2005
  • Million Dollar Baby 2004
  • Resurrecting the Champ 2007
  • Ali 2001
  • Girlfight 2000
  • Undisputed 2002
  • The Fighter 2010
  • Southpaw 2015
  • Grudge Match 2013
  • Hands of Stone 2016
  • Bleed for This – 2016
  • The Hammer 2007
  • Joe and Max 2002
  • Against the Ropes 2004
  • Real Steel 2011
  • Fighting Tommy Riley
  • Annapolis – 2006 (Kind of)


Select your Top 5 and post them on @929TheGame or @champrounds929 and let us know your selections.

Listen Here:


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