Ryan Mayer

The Falcons’ long-time home, the Georgia Dome, is set to be torn down in the coming months as the team prepares to move into their new glitzy home, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, next season. The team played its last home game in the dome last weekend when they hosted the Packers, but, fans weren’t quite ready to say goodbye. A petition was started by Falcons fan Andrew Wagner on Change.org to have the stadium host a Super Bowl watch party for the team as they play the Patriots next week in Houston.

The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, told reporters that he was working on a plan to open the Dome for Super Bowl Sunday. That all said, don’t get too excited, Falcons fans. Officials for the stadium released a statement saying that NFL rules prevent them from using the Dome to broadcast the game.

“We share your tremendous excitement that the Atlanta Falcons are headed to the Super Bowl. NFL rules prohibit us from using the Georgia Dome for broadcasting the game. Fans wishing to gather with other fans to watch the game can consider patronizing neighborhood businesses who will be showing the game.” — Georgia Dome statement

Unfortunately, fans will have to find their own parties to congregate at and root on the team.

  1. No Fun League doesn’t begin to describe the level of corruption and greed in the NFL. I am, however, glad the Falcons had the foresight to sign away nearly half the Browns starters. These men deserve a title.

    Falcons fans, I feel for you. We had watch parties here in Cleveland for the NBA playoffs and finals, and for the World Series away games, with all the money going to charity.

    But not the NFL, a home for billionaire crooks and liars (with notable exceptions). But don’t expect anything from Goodell. He probably has his head in the ground…or somewhere else.

    As a native Georgian, born and raised in Americus, I invite everyone to come to Cleveland and bask in the misery wrought by our owner, Jimmy Haslam. A man who’s used his brother, the governor of Tennessee, to skate punishment for a multi-year scheme to cheat thousands of large and small trucking companies out of rebates. All while ruining an almost-decent team (just look at your roster, Atlanta).

    Foremost, think about Haslam, a CEO whose ENTIRE senior management team is under indictment, yet only he gets away withought a scratch because he “knew nothing.” The CEO of a company that fleeced over 5,000 truckers over several years during which they called honest, hard-working people, “rubes”, “morons”, “simpletons” and “hillbillies”. A company that’s paid nearly $200M in fines and restitution.

    Yet despite this, Haslam has constantly been embraced by the NFL’s $150 million man, Roger Goodell, (think about that, fans, he pockets, on average, $40M a year). Goodell said in 2015, BEFORE the Browns recent 1-15 season, “I’m a big fan of Jimmy Haslam and what he’s doing…I think this community, and I know this is Browns country, I think they’re fortunate to have Jimmy Haslam as an owner, and we’re fortunate to have him as an owner in the league.” This after he said, in 2013, “Jimmy Haslam is a man of great integrity…We’re proud to have him as an owner in the NFL and think he’s going to be a great owner for the Cleveland Browns and their fans here. He’s as disappointed as anybody in what happened at Pilot [Flying] J and he’s working hard to fix it and correct those issues, both from a structural standpoint and to make amends.”

    On second thought, I’m beginning to believe Haslam really doesn’t know anything. About anything. He now has 11 people reporting directly to him in the Browns organization. God help us.

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