OK…Donald J Trump is NOW President of the United States. What’s going to change? We already know he plans to unravel the Affordable Care Act, institute tougher crime policies in the inner cities and possibly even bring stop and frisk to the masses, a tactic deemed unconstitutional.  While we continue to be self-sufficient we must concurrently press him on our issues. Criminal justice reform, quality education, affordable education, housing and health care. I don’t care that he meets with celebrities from our community but I do care when it’s only used as a photo op and nothing on our agenda gets addressed. We’re being vigilant and will not accept a song and dance routine from anyone.  When Trump gave his inaugural speech he said it doesn’t matter which Party controls the government, well…prove it! We have real issues in our community and frankly we’re sick and tired of the distractions….the name calling, twitter insults and general insensitivity from him and his camp.  Don’t you think it’s about time for him to be Presidential? After all, he is the President! Tell Trump the issues you would like to see him tackle first? Sound off in the poll. 



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