OK…some of us still can’t believe that Trump will actually be President of the free world. Well… believe it. The real question is what can we do to hold him accountable? A new president comes with new agendas, ideas and policies. If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu. If you voted for him or not…if you like him or not, is irrelevant. Us holding him accountable is! Part of his campaign promise was something called the “New Deal for Black America” A New Deal doesn’t necessarily mean a good deal. Have you heard of this New Deal? Most haven’t. But we will remind him and his White House that we not only want a new deal we want a BETTER DEAL. You can view this New Deal yourself at https://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-announces-a-plan-for-urban-renewal1 . It talks about education, safer communities and even equal justice. BUT Let’s take this beyond a talking point. What would you like to see in this new deal? Here’s MY question, Who from his administration is going to implement the New Deal? …Dr. Ben Carson? Omarosa? I think NOT. Right Now we need someone named from his camp who will be in charge of this. Someone credible, compassionate and concerned about the community. TELL TRUMP it’s not just a new deal we want but a BETTER DEAL. Let me know your thoughts..Take the poll to sound off!

  1. Hannah Head says:

    So is there a place we can send our suggested revisions to this New Deal. I have multiple questions regarding each item. For example “We”? This needs to be defined because if we the people that are seriously tracking all actions starting with 1/20 … need to know where to write & call. Another example, we the people want a voice at the table with those making decisions about educating our children. And my final example is that law enforcement plan is really meant to be a joke – right? So, nothing in there about breaking the current toxic paradigm that exists between unarmed citizens and the people with uniforms that are suppose to protect and serve the public. This is just a few samples of the lack of clearly stated promises and language that tells me it needs a revision.

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