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This is an interesting question; one without an easy answer.

If the Hawks believe that they can still compete for a playoff spot and a potential run at a title, then making Cleveland better wasn’t the brightest move. But that might not be the collective thinking.

There have been rumors that the Hawks’ front office is torn with what to do with Paul Millsap. Some want to try and keep him, long term. Others want to trade him.

If trading him [Millsap] is what the Hawks decide, that pretty much means the team is dismantling for the near future and retooling to make a run in a few seasons. That said, making Cleveland better short-term (which is exactly what the Kyle Korver deal did) doesn’t hurt the Hawks much.


See the comment above about how the front office is undecided on what to do with Millsap. You may be happy if the Hawks decide to stop the deals with Korver. But…

If Millsap gets traded, there are a number of other pieces that could go too. Thabo Sefolosha could be on the block since his contract expires after this season.

Other Hawks who hit free agency after the 2016-17 season: Tiago Splitter, Kris Humphries, Mike Scott, Tim Hardaway Jr. (restricted free agent), Mo Williams and Mike Muscala.

The NBA’s trade deadline is Feb. 23.


The Korver deal was finalized Saturday. Korver was sent to the Cavaliers for Mike Dunleavy Jr., Mo Williams and 2019 protected first-round pick. There were reports that had the Hawks trying to deal Dunleavy, but nothing materialized. Now, Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that Dunleavy is currently working to secure a contract buyout; he doesn’t want to join the Hawks.

On paper, you’re right. The haul for Korver wasn’t immense. However, these portions and parts may continue to move.

That 2019 first-round pick won’t likely be great because the Cavaliers will be good the year prior. The Hawks may try to package that pick with something else to move to a better spot in some future draft, or bring in a young player with upside.

Don’t hold onto that anger too much. Wait to see what other dominoes fall.


While I don’t agree the Hawks should have traded Korver after that monster 2015-16 season, I do think the Hawks are a year late IF they try to dismantle the team more than they have thus far.

I understand keeping Korver around and adding Dwight Howard after the Hawks lost Al Horford and traded Jeff Teague. The thinking: Atlanta could still make it into the playoffs and potentially make a run.

However, if the Hawks now decided to ship off a number of other pieces, a few moves make little sense: 1) Bringing in Howard, 2) Paying Kent Bazemore, and 3) Not starting the trading off of assets a year earlier, hence reaching the goal of competitive team quicker.

Timing is everything in an NBA front office, and there are probably myriad moving pieces that we’ll never be privy to hearing about. Without that information, it’s impossible to fully complain about the weird timing from the Hawks.

But fans will always wonder: (once again, this is only if more pieces are traded away over the next month and a half) Why now?


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