Real Estate 101: Residents Of Peoplestown Need Your Help

The residents of Peoplestown are back on Real Estate 101, and this time their fight has taken a turn for the worse. Homeowners, Tanya Washington and the Darden family came on the show to tell WAOK listens that they need your help.

In case you missed the story, early this year the residents of Peoplestown were told by city that they had to sell their homes. Mayor Reed and city officials say that they are planning to tear down the homes to build a park and a retention pond. Many of the residents settled and took the money, but a few others decided to stay and fight.  Among the residents was 93-year old Mattie Jackson. She, along with Tanya Washington and the Dardens decided to protested against the eminent domain, and protect their property. When the media got wind of Mattie Jackson being forced to sell, she was allowed to stay. But what about the other residents?

Since the show, Mary Gill has learned that the Dardens and Tanya Washington are still being forced to leave against their wishes. They have even been given 30 days to leave the property, which does not give them time to enjoy Christmas with their families. So as a community, let’s not allow this to happen. Let’s stand up for our brother and sisters, and help them protect whats rightfully theirs. They have started a Go Fund Me account to help them pay for legal fees and other unexpected expenses. If you want to get involved, you can log on  to and send a donation. If you want to hear the show, click on the link below.


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