Each week, in conjunction with Breda Pest Management, we’ll ask “What’s bugging you?” in the world of sports. Baseball’s over for the Atlanta Braves. While that may leave you wanting, there are positive moments on the horizon.

But there’s still plenty to squabble about out there. Keep us in your thoughts when you need to yell, vent or lash out with your sports frustration. We’ll be here to find a calming mechanism for you. Trust us.

So, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #WhatsBuggingYou. We’re easy to find and always thought-provoking. And because we’re partnering with the fine folks over at Breda Pest Management, it’s obvious we’ll be able to find a remedy for what’s pestering you.

We love it when we get Breda Pest Management to chime in. They’ll lead us off:

Breda Pest,

That Hail Mary from Joshua Dobbs to Jauan Jennings is going to hurt for a while. It probably won’t sting as much and for as long as the “Hobnail Boot” play mocks and tortures Tennessee fans, but that doesn’t help much right now for UGA faithful, right?

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart didn’t comment too much about the nuts and bolts of the play directly afterward, but after watching film he said he felt everyone did their job.

“To be honest, every kid on the field executed their job,” Smart said. “We got a little boxed out by (Jennings), but it wasn’t like you can watch the play and say ‘This guy didn’t do what I told him to do.’ We got out-jumped and he timed his jump a lot better than we did, which I think everybody saw.”

The problem there… Jennings – as well as every other Tennessee receiver – was supposed to be boxed out by the UGA defensive players.

According to Jason Butt of The Macon Telegraph, the objective of the play was for the four defensive backs to each grab a receiver and box them out. Then, Lorenzo Carter was to knock the ball down at its high point.

I’m going to argue with Smart here, and I believe this is what’s bugging Breda Pest too. If you want to high point a football (any ball for that matter), you’d rather be the closest person to the ball. Carter should have been in the front portion of the end zone, not behind the pack.

The only way for Carter to have truly done his job would to have been standing in front of Jennings. That’s how you truly box out. But what do football players know about this hoops term?

The Georgia defense definitely knows… now.


This gripe could be about a number of different teams locally this past weekend. If you’re referencing the Tennessee Hail Mary, look above (and below, actually). But it’s possible you’re speaking of the Falcons defense that started playing off the Carolina offense on Sunday in the Georgia Dome and almost allowed a comeback.

With a 31-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter, Atlanta’s coaching staff could have decided to make a change to the way the Falcons were playing defense. Maybe it was due to a slew of injuries and a linebacker corps that was dwindling from a depth standpoint. It’s also possible the idea was to just ease off a bit with such a huge lead.

Dan Quinn spoke on the matter Monday in his press conference:

“We thought we really played well in the third quarter and then as it got into the fourth and some of the long drives and a couple of the explosive plays happened there so just another example where we can do this better,” said Quinn. “At the end of the first half, our two minute was better. We’re not there yet, but some of it was a function of the coverage and some of it was a function of us not playing it exactly like we’d like to. It was probably a mixture of both.”

Sounds like it was less of a coaching decision and more about coaching the team to play with the same intensity for four quarters.

The Falcons are 3-1 and everyone’s happy. But that 31-10 lead turned into a 48-33 nail-biter in the end. That’s gotta be cleaned up. In fact, if I had a #WhatsBuggingYou vote, I’d be more worried about the Falcons’ fourth quarter letdown than the Hail Mary that crushed the spirits of the UGA faithful in Athens last weekend.

Come on DB, you’re supposed to be griping to us. You’re not the voice of reason, I am. 🙂

Since you started the ball rolling, however, allow me to advance your thought.

Freshman quarterback Jacob Eason showed me something on Saturday. He showed me the game-winning spirit that emerged in Missouri was something he could replicate. Who’s ready for three more years of Eason, post 2016? I surely am.

For Georgia to get punched in the mouth like it did when Tennessee sacked Eason in his own end zone… for Eason to get back up after that fumble that handed the Volunteers the lead and then keep his head high four plays later when he tossed an interception that could have ended the game… that’s moxie. You can’t teach that.

Eason arrived on campus less than a calendar year ago as a young, high-school-aged kid. He could have been awe-struck with the moment, but instead he’s worked hard, impressed and taken hold of his budding career and pushed ahead… fast. Will he make freshman mistakes? Yes. But we’ll also see more moments like that 47-yard touchdown bomb to Riley Ridley with 10 seconds to play. And that’s the important part.

I wholeheartedly agree, DB. Eason’s going to be really, really good.


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