ATLANTA, GA – Go through most any neighborhood in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas and you’re likely to see gas station after station with the same message. No premium. No mid-grade. Then if they’re out of all grades, there’s a blank sign that once displayed a price. And there’s no mistaking the classic black bag over the pumps mean. No message needed.
Tuesday marked 10 days since a ruptured pipe line ruptured just outside Birmingham, Alabama at Colonial Pipeline caused spotty gas shortages. Since the supply was low and the demand high, it spurred a price increase. The average price for regular unleaded stood at $2.47 Tuesday.
Motorists in need of gas scoured neighborhoods and went from station to station,” It’s frustrating. I’m surprised gas hasn’t jumped up to five or ten dollars a gallon”, said Benjamin Jackson. He and his fiancée made their way through parts of Gwinnett County as they searched for gas. His fiancée expressed her frustration. “It’s inconvenient when we’re on a quarter tank of gas and we’re trying to find gas now to fill up”, she said.
Apparently topping off your tank is what many drivers attempted to do. A local gas station owner says 4000 gallons of gas was sold at his Chevron station in four hours. Everybody is trying to fill up their tanks according to the station owner of a Chevron station on Highway 78 West in Snellville. I inquired as to when he expected the next shipment of gas. I have no idea. If you order the whole load ( four thousand gallons) we only get two, he replied.
Tuesday the Chevron station got four thousand gallons. It usually lasts 18 hours. However due to high demand it lasted three hours.
Reportedly a 24 hour around the clock effort is being made to reroute the gas line around the ruptured area. We are told it could be up and running by the end of the week.


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