Rick and John stretch their cash with today’s Slice of Life

Talking about drinking and college got the show to thinking about their days being super broke and while at school how they could make as little as $5 last for a week. Rick admits that  even in school he worked 3 jobs and readily had cash available, but if needed he would call out to his mom for a few extra bucks. John would donate plasma then take that cash for cover, drinks, tip and still enough left over to  buy 2 pieces of fried chicken. Impressive.

Mark was an early capitalist in college. He would buy cheap bread, cheese, squeeze butter and a 12 pack of PBR for under $10. Then make grilled cheese sandwiches on his George Foreman Grille and sell a sandwich and a beer for $5. Paul would buy a case of The Beast for the week. Well played.

Click below for today’s Slice of Life



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