Rick and John are wide eyed with a ton to complain and educate you on with the 5 at 10.

They kick it off with the Steelers win over the Redskins and John thinks Tomlin is the best coach in the NFL. The LA Rams got beat by the 49ers  in a bad bad game. Not a good start for a very hyped up Rams team now in LA. Rick thinks Carlos Hyde is the best he will be all season, so get him gone on your Fantasy Team.

To college sports and the NCAA who removed tournaments from NC because of what is deemed as anti-transgender laws. Is the ACC Title game next? As of now, it’s just a few golf tournaments and baseball games. Will this continue for college sports in NC? To the Braves and they won, but Dansby got hit in the goods. Who’s at fault for this one? Finally, Falcons update and Hageman, it’s not looking good.

Click below for today’s 5 at 10:





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