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If “What’s bugging you” is truly thought-provoking, we may even use it on the air.

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We were all a little spoiled after last weekend’s opening salvo of college football, huh? Games started Thursday and didn’t end until the final hours of Labor Day. And oh… the matchups — top-ranked teams fighting one another. It was glorious.

The second week of college football — with zero games that pit top-25 talents against one another — doesn’t have the same luster. Plus, there was no college football on Thursday.

I’m not sure you should let this bug you, however. College football was simply paying homage to the NFL. Carolina and Denver kicked off the NFL season, and who wants to compete for TV viewers with the most power sports league on the planet?

College football backed off for this one Thursday to let the NFL have the evening all to itself. They’re not the only sports entity to do so, either. NASCAR typically runs its races on Sunday, right next to the NFL. But on the NFL’s first Sunday of the 2016 season, NASCAR politely shifted out of the way.

The Bojangles’ Southern 500 in Darlington will run on Saturday.

Will & Bennamon,

I’m with you on the fact that a hometown crowd needs to support it’s team, and hence the quarterback of said team. But Matt Ryan’s 25 percent reduction in touchdown passes last season and slight uptick in interceptions raised eyebrows.

Let those folks have their fun at Ryan’s expense right now. He did a ton of offseason work, and most importantly, seems to have mended fences with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Ryan said he’s so much more comfortable in this new offense now, and the Falcons added a number of offensive weapons.

In Alex Mack, Ryan has a top-notch center to not only snap the ball to him properly, but secure the middle of the offensive line. Ryan also has Mohamed Sanu as a No. 2 receiver, not one but two pass-catching tight ends and two running backs that can truly churn yardage on the ground AND catch passes out of the backfield.

Ryan should show massive improvement in 2016. When that happens, just go show these tweets to all the naysayers.


If I knew how to bet every sporting event along Vegas lines, I’d live in Sin City and fill swimming pools with Ben Franklin’s. Alas, I’m here answering questions for you.

Both Tampa Bay and Atlanta are improved teams for 2016. There’s familiarity on both sides too as Tampa Bay head coach Dirk Koetter used to be the offensive coordinator here in Atlanta under Mike Smith, who just happens to be the defensive coordinator now with the Bucs. Two seasons ago, Falcons defensive tackle Adrian Clayborn was wearing pewter in Tampa.

Both teams are still figuring out their identities and level of skill. Allow me to offer an interesting stat that may help you choose. Since 2008, when Ryan was drafted and took over as quarterback, he’s never lost an opening game of the season. Ryan is 8-0 in Week 1 during his career.

But can he win by more than three points? Yikes.

I covered the UNC-UGA game in the Georgia Dome last weekend and it was a fantastic contest. When the Tar Heels held a 10-point lead their fans poked fun at the Southeastern Conference by stealing its chant. “ACC-ACC-ACC” could be heard all over the dome.

When the ‘Dawgs came back to win, well obviously “SEC-SEC-SEC” was offered in retort and at a much higher decibel level. The SEC got the last laugh Saturday.

But the Atlantic Coast Conference may be smiling in the end, and the ACC is sure happy now. Even though Alabama (an SEC school) came out ranked No. 1 in the AP Top 25 Poll, two ACC schools (Clemson at No. 2 and Florida at No. 3) were both in prime College Football Playoff spots.

Who’s going to have the last laugh if the ACC becomes the first conference ever with two teams in the Playoff?


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