Running backs are very important in fantasy football. You can either have a guy that runs for a lot of yards, a Red Zone back that scores most of the touchdowns or a running back that catches passes out of the backfield. When putting a team together you should try to get the best backs that you can early and in the later rounds add some guys that specialize in scoring by touchdowns or catching passes. Keep in mind that if you are not in a PPR league, points per reception, then a running back that specializes in pass catching may not be the thing for you. Here are five guys that may be available late in your draft that you should take a look at.

1. Latavius Murray RB Oakland Raiders – Last season Murray had almost 1,300 all-purpose yards but only six touchdowns. As the projected starting running back for the Raiders he will be depended on to set up the passing game. For that to happen, Murray’s touchdowns are going to have to go up into the double digits.

2. Jeremy Langford RB Chicago Bears – Langford is now the Bears starting running back. The Bears always lean on the running game to extend drives and put points on the board. That means that Langford will get plenty of chances to score for your team. The only knock on him is that his hands are not consistent enough to give you a lot of value in a PPR league.

3. James White RB New England Patriots – Dion Lewis is out with a knee injury which puts the ball into the hands of James White. White has added value with the ability to catch the ball, so he can even be used in a flex position. From what I can tell Tom Brady and the Patriots have a lot trust in White.

4. Ameer Abdullah RB Detroit Lions – Abdullah is now starting for Detroit and many fantasy players will be down on him due to his low numbers last season. Abdullah has big play ability and is one of the only playmakers the Lions have left. If Abdullah is able to carry the load he could be one of the biggest steals in your draft.

5. Rashad Jennings RB New York Giants – Jennings is the number one back for the Giants and will be counted on to keep the defense honest and not load up on Odell Beckham Jr. His age, 31, is a bit concerning but he continues to be the best back that the Giants have so he should get most of the work.

These running backs will be overlooked by many casual fantasy players but savvy individuals like yourself will have a strong team throughout the entire season based on the picks you make deep in the draft.

By Gordon Robinson

  1. myfantasyfootballplace says:

    Good picks! I totally agree the Bears need Langford, especially since Jay Cutler is not that reliable. But Langford might have competition from rookie rb Jordan Howard, who played very well in the Bears last preseason game.

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