Rick and John fire up the grill with today’s Slice of Life…

In preparation for the return of College Football, we want to offer some gentle reminders on how to act and how not to act at a tailgate. There are certain people who are tailgate killers. These are the people who can ruin an awesome day before a game. Some of those people include the “too drunk too early” guy. That guy who wants you to be as drunk as he is at 8 am. Also “Capt. Bringdown” is the worst. He’s the guy that is having issues with his girl and wants you to be his therapist. Also, the guy who forgets his beer, but wants yours. Or the guy who brings his entire extended family and wants to ask every question about your school. Finally, the cocky fan of the visiting team. The guy who spends the day comparing your tailgate to his.

Click below to hear these and more with today’s Slice of Life:



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