The parent of the 10 year old Cheatham Hill Elementary School student was met with shock and disappointment when her daughter came home from bothered by a game on slavery that she was forced to play with her classmates. The game – Underground Railroad Dice Simulation – is intended to educate students on slavery and the obstacles slaves met while trying to escape to freedom. While the intention seems educational and harmless, the 10 year old girl felt insulted and traumatized. Her mother and grandmother met with a school official in regards to the situation and are still awaiting disciplinary action to be handed down. The student has since been moved to another class per her request.

Rashad Richey spoke to the student’s mother and grandmother about the game and their meeting with the school administrator. Listen below.

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  1. Spherm Banks says:

    This is very interesting. I never knew a game like this existed. I am really amazed about this. I’m not sure about the situtation. It seems to me that people that take a concerted effort as this should be more conscious about such a sensitive subject such as this, and the fact that there is only one black student in the class room. For teaching purposes, I think it should be a certain level of empathy when doing such a thing.

  2. I am near the end of this interview, WoW!!! The game has no end! That is crazy! The Underground Rail Road had an ending in real life, so how is that the game did not have an end when it’s suppose to simulate real-life? This is obscene and offensive!

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