GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – Gwinnett County cops nabbed another suspect connected to using movie prop money for purchases. Police said a team of three made a 1,000 dollar purchase at a Wal-Mart store and used fake money clearly marked “for motion picture use only”. It was their second arrest in this case.

Melissa Sinquefield of Buford, who allegedly played a role in the incident that took place July 19 at a store on Sardis Church Road in Buford, was booked into the Gwinnett jail Thursday morning.

Cops said Sinquefield was part of a scam to purchase lawn equipment with 10 counterfeit $100 bills. She then took one of the pieces of equipment and returned it to a Wal-Mart on Buford Drive later that day in exchange for cash, police said.
Part of the scam involved Jocelyn Gerstenlauer, the alleged cashier who cops said accepted the fake tender. She surrendered Tuesday to authorities.
She has since bonded out of jail, police said. They said she quit her job shortly after the incident.

A search is still on for Travis Taylor of Blakely, who is also accused of being part of the scam. All three face first-degree forgery charges, police said. Taylor and Sinquefield also face theft by deception charges.

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