Everyone knows that a key to a good fantasy football team is having a good quarterback, I should know I had a terrible season after drafting Andrew Luck early last season! Well, we all have made mistakes and looked back when the season was over and said “I should have known!” So now let’s review some QBs that can help us take that push toward a Fantasy Football Championship. I don’t mean the obvious Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady QBs, I am talking about the guys that you should look at after all those favorites are off of the board and you need someone you trust to throw the ball. Here are five guys that can lead the charge.

1. Tyrod Taylor – QB Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor ranked ninth last season among quarterbacks in terms of points per game. Being a threat to run the football makes him a valuable guy to have on your squad, he finished second to Cam Newton for QB rushing yards. I don’t know if you watch the Buffalo Bills but they like taking shots down the field which can add up in the points department.

2. Jameis Winston – QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston lost about 20 pounds this offseason which should make him a little quicker. I mean quicker as in dodging sacks, not as in ripping off 20-yard runs. Last season, Winston finished as fantasy football’s number 13 QB and his numbers will rise as long as his receivers continue to improve and Doug Martin and the Tampa Bay running game continue to be around the top of the league.

3. Derek Carr – QB Oakland Raiders

Carr and stand out wide receiver Amari Cooper were roommates in training camp trying to get better chemistry between the two of them. Last season, Carr threw 11 more touchdowns than he did in 2014 thanks to an improved offensive line and guys to throw to like Cooper and Michael Crabtree. With these guys growing together, look for Carr’s numbers to continue to go up.

4. Blake Bortles – QB Jacksonville Jaguars

Bortles had the fourth most QB fantasy points last season with 35 touchdowns, he also led the league with 18 interceptions. You wouldn’t think about it but Bortles can also pick up a few points with his feet, so there’s another reason to give him a look. The Jaguars passed the ball 68 percent of the time and scored 88 percent of their offensive touchdowns through the air last season. With a solid run game and some big play receivers look for those numbers to remain close to the same. Hopefully, Blake will cut down the interceptions.

5. Teddy Bridgewater – QB Minnesota Vikings

I know Bridgewater has not played very well the past couple of seasons. He’s only given you 28 touchdowns in the past two regular seasons. The addition of Lequon Treadwell should translate into more red zone touchdowns. It has been rumored that Minnesota will open up the offense and throw the ball down the field more this season and that should add up to a few more scores as well. I’m not saying that Teddy will turn into Aaron Rodgers this season, but his numbers should be better.

These are strictly guys that you should look at late in your draft as either a QB2 or if you adopt the philosophy of not drafting a quarterback until deep into the selection process.

By Gordon Robinson


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