Rick and Randy Mac spend some time in their favorite room in the house and provide some etiquette in the john

This comes off an earlier Slice of Life when we asked What Relaxes You and a common answer was “having 20 mins to myself in the bathroom.” Rick gets annoyed by the guys who spend too much time pooping. So, today we want to know how to act right while getting your bathroom on.

Rick will build a nest to sit on if he needs to drop a twosie. He will build 3-4 layers if needed to keep his backside clean. Randy will make it a point to wipe the bowl spotless before sitting down. Mark doesn’t feel the need to build a huge nest if the toilet isn’t in horrible shape.

The ultimate question is: if you are an an emergency situation, do you still use the stall if the doors are gone?

Click below for today’s slice of life



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