Vic Beasley made a return appearance to the 92-9 The Game and Atlanta Falcons Radio Network stage as Training Camp nears an end and sat down with the guys in front of a crowd of fans on Monday afternoon.

Beasley says he is looking forward to facing RGIII this Thursday night in Cleveland. He feels like Robert Griffin is playing with a chip on his shoulder and has something to prove. He also noted that the Falcons have a chip on their shoulder as well.

When questioned about where that chip comes from Beasley said, “Basically not making the playoffs last year.”

Beasley took the guys through last Thursday’s preseason win over the Redskins and what he thought worked best for his defensive unit.

He’s looking forward to having Freeney make his debut this week in Cleveland so the two of them can force an opening and one of them can get to the QB.

Rick and John told him he should be proud of love of country music and take over the locker iPod one day. Beasley said, “Julio controls that, but I’ll give it a shot and let you guys know how it works out.”

Watch the ENTIRE interview above…


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