Auto Nsider Review: 2016 Range Rover HSE Td6

I was so embarrassed….I couldn’t get my rear passengers’ power lumbar-adjusted heated and cooled seats to massage them….while slowing down from 130 MPH to ford a deep stream on the muddy road ahead…while getting 30 MPG.


I hate when that happens….don’t you?




Phrased another way, when guys get together, they talk about guy stuff.

The barmaid….work….sports…the barmaid….and often, cars and trucks.


And when the talk swings to vehicles, we often turn to the old game of:  “If you could have only one…..just one vehicle under 100K that could do it all….what would you choose?”


Land Rover has never been a stranger to these conversations, and now, with the addition of their 3.0 liter 443 ft lbs of torque 6-cylinder diesel, they’ve just stuffed one more ace up their sleeve.


And if you were tempted to stop reading when I said “Diesel”, don’t.


I’ve never encountered a more user-friendly diesel.   Even when idling in an open garage, I couldn’t smell a trace of diesel fumes.   And that typical diesel engine clatter is just not there, either.    If the fuel filler cap were not bright yellow and marked with a big “Diesel”, you’d likely pull up to the wrong pump every time.


So in addition to a totally civilized ride, Range Rover’s new diesel gives you effortless towing power, plus an EPA rated 22 city and 29 highway….roughly 30% more than their gasoline-powered six.    Believe it.   I saw 31 on one stretch of 65 -70 MPH freeway.


But gas-mileage aside, it’s the Range Rover’s all-around luxury and capability that has earned it such a passionate fan club.


As a luxury vehicle, it can run with the best of them….especially in “HSE” trim, which gets you the perforated leather and panoramic roof.   Again, while several other vehicles out there now offer a console cooler, how many offer heated and cooled power lumbar reclining rear seats?


And all that is wrapped in one of the most capable and attractive off-road bodies out there.


Full-time “Intelligent” 4-wheel drive that lets you switch between high and low at speeds up to 37 MPH, “Terrain Response” that optimizes the suspension for any terrain, 4-corner air-suspension, and “Adaptive Dynamics” to reduce body lean in corners.


Then we can revisit creature-comforts like a hands-free gesture-controlled upper and lower rear tailgate.   And speaking about tailgates, the Range Rover’s split upper and lower “clamshell” tailgate is perfect for tailgating…as it gives you a bumper-free perch to sit on.


In short, the Range Rover HSE diesel is the completer package.    Fast, nimble and competent.  And while we can question whether the owner of a 95K vehicle really cares all that much about fuel economy, Range Rover’s new diesel will at least stretch out the time they spend stopping to fill it up.

IMGP0341 IMGP0342 IMGP0357 IMGP0358 IMGP0362 IMGP0367


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