Auto Nsider Review: 2016 Chrysler 200C


If you haven’t noticed, there sure are a lot of ironies in the world.


Here’s one more:   The better passenger sedans get, the fewer are sold.


Why is that, you ask?


The vast majority of us seem to prefer to drive station wagons on “stilts”…..otherwise known as SUVs.


Now, even I will admit that it makes one feel “in command” when you’re able to see over other vehicles.    But where will it end?


When everyone drives a SUV, who will have the height advantage….except for the 18-wheelers?


How high will we go?


Will it all end when SUVs are six-feet off the ground and cunning drivers of tomorrow will opt for low-slung little pocket-rockets that can slip under the other vehicles….just like they do in the movies?


Well, enough speculation.    Just know this:    If you’re one of the dwindling number of folks looking for a good mid-sized sedan, your time is now.


Actually, make that a “darned good” mid-sized sedan.   And today’s Chrysler 200 is high on that list.


In fact, Chrysler’s 200 can give you more today for the high $20’s to mid $30’s than one of Germany’s finest could 15 or so years ago.


Economy is just one of the areas where cars have shown dramatic improvement.  We tested a top of the line Chrysler 200C, which had just about every option available except for Chrysler’s 295 HP 3.6 liter V-6 and all-wheel drive.


Instead, we had Chrysler’s “Tigershark” 2.4 liter, 184HP four.   Thanks to its’ new 9-speed automatic, this engine is EPA rated at 23 MPG city and 36 highway.


That’s roughly twice the mileage that you might have gotten 15 years ago, and along with much better mileage, braking and handling have improved exponentially, too.


Chrysler’s all-new-last-year 200 starts under 23K with destination fees.    Ante-up an extra $3,700 and enjoy 18” alloys, 8-way power sport seats with leather trim, a sport suspension that actually lives up to its’ name, backup cam, voice texting, halogen lamps, upgraded audio, hands-free calling and texting and more.


Again, for somewhere in the mid-to-high $20’s, you’ll have a vehicle that rivals the performance of a fine German sedan from back in the day.


And electronics?   No contest.  Just as your smartphone has something like 100 times the computing power than we used when we sent men to the moon, today’s vehicles can do things that were only dreamt about a decade and a half ago.


For a $33,540 list, our Chrysler 200C virtually had it all….an 8.4 inch screen, full-leather ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, lane-departure warning, auto high-beams, collision warning, blind-spot and cross-path detection, adaptive cruise, real wood trim, parallel parking assist, premium lighting….and I’m sure I left out a few.


And for those that still care about such things, Chrysler’s 200C runs, feels, and stops with more precision than a number of its’ better-known foreign and domestic competitors.


You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.


If 5-seat sedan styling is how you like to roll, you’ve never had it better than you have it today.   Get ‘em while you still can.    And know that Chrysler’s 200 is one of the better of the breed.


Want a bonus?    Because of slowing demand, you’ll probably find it’s “Deal Time” at your local dealer!

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